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MoPac Competitions and Men's Club Nationals Internal Deadline

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Hey all,

Competition season is here.
...and it comes especially early for us because we many teams that would like to participate in Regional/National Events.

All of the deadlines and dates have been established by MoPac and can be found here

For Mixed and Women's the SFBACC will simply need to adhere to the MoPac internal deadlines set at that link.
For the Men's we will have an internal deadline....September 5th, 5pm
(with a conference call team meeting the evening of September 6th)

Due to the number of entries we've had over the past 2 years across the spectrum of MoPac clubs...it is possible we may not be able to take all interested teams. Therefore we need to rank our teams in case all eligible teams cannot move fwd into MoPac Regionals. This will come in the form of on-ice playdowns within the club.

Tentatively, playdown ice will be available starting on Saturday September 7th...and we may have to utilize that depending on the teams involved.
Saturdays will be used from that date until October 12th.

More details will be forthcoming.....
Fees will likely be $600+ per team for (covers USCA and MoPac fees...if you participate at Regionals)
Internal fees will likely be $25/per person per game played (likely 2-4 games will be necessary)

Contact me with any questions
Michael Lively

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