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SFBACC + Arena Curling Championship

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The inaugural U.S. Arena Curling Championships will be held July 18-21, 2103 in Fort Wayne, IN.

If you are interested in potentially participating in this event...we are establishing a March 15th deadline for teams to declare themselves in the case that internal playdowns will be required. Please send an email to mlively@bayareacurling.com with the names of the participating players on your team (3 names minimum to be eligible) by 8pm, March 15th. Once the deadline has passed, teams will no longer be able to declare themselves unless we do not have a team in one of the gender classifications. If that is the case, the Competitive Curling Committee will establish a method for determining how to allow a team (or teams) in that gender to declare post deadline.

Within a week of the declaration deadline, we should have a rough idea of the playdown times available to us. Should playdown games in a particular gender be necessary, they will fit into ice times and locations available to us and may be (but not limited to) Saturdays in Oakland and/or Thursdays in Fremont. Participants will be required to pay the fees (likely spare fee structure) associated with each game they play.

National Selection Structure Overview
- Each interested 'club' is required to pre-register by April 15th (SFBACC has already done this)
- 15 Men's and 15 Women's teams will be given invitations to compete by the USAC Committee
(the host club will receive 1 slot in each gender to bring the total to 16 each)
- Invitations will first be given to ONE CLUB within each of the 10 National Regions.
- Remaining slots (likely 5) will be filled by inviting 1 additional club from the Regions that had the most pre-registered clubs....until all slots are filled.
- Preference, in all cases, is given to clubs that have pre-registered M's and W's teams
(exceptions will be made if a REGION has only 1 club with 1 gender pre-registered for the first round of invites)

SFBACC Internal Selection Structure
- If 2 or more teams are interested within a gender, the Competitive Curling Committee will determine the best playdown method given the ice time available to us, the overall time constraints and the number of interested teams.

Entry Fee
If teams from the SFBACC are selected to go to the event, it will be the responsibility of the teams to reimburse the club for the $400/team pre-registration fee.

Further info on the National Event can be found here.
Arena Curling Championship Press Release
Arena Curling Championship Event Selection Rules

Feel free to email with any further questions
Good Curling!
Michael Lively

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