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2011-12 Competitive Curling Informational Sessions

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For those of you wishing to get involved in any of the MoPac/USCA/CA competitions during the 2011-12 season, we’ll be holding informational sessions at Oakland and San Jose in the next couple of weeks. They will be quick sessions.

Though this is short notice....I’ll be holding Oakland’s this coming Wednesday (9/21) at 8:45...after the evening’s draw. I can go over the registration/competition dates for any event available to us. MoPac has yet to finalize it’s format and registration dates for the Mixed and Club Nationals Men’s/Women’s Playdowns. However, the competition dates seem to be set. I’ve been waiting for them to finalize ALL aspects...however, we need to get the ball rolling on this process. (Unofficially, the dates are: MoPac Mixed (Feb 3-5; Granite Curling Club, Seattle, WA), MoPac Club Nationals (MLK Wknd - Jan 14-16; Olympic Oval, SLC, UT)

MoPac Playdowns are required for the following: Mixed, M/W Club Nationals. California Playdowns will be required for the Pacific International Cup (PIC) in British Columbia. Intra-club playdowns may be required as well depending on interest within our club and available spots for the above competitions.

For USCA event info please visit our forum to see the thread on reg/competition dates (http://www.bayareacurling.com/node/1281). All other events may have teams go straight into a national competition. For PIC info visit http://calpic.org/Welcome.html

In addition to fielding questions, I’ll have a ‘sign-up’ sheet for those wishing to declare the intentions of a formed team as well as individuals interested in looking to get on a team or round-out a partial team.

If you cannot attend the Oakland session, we will have an SJ session on a league night there...soon. However, you can also direct questions and/or get your name on the list by sending an email to me (mlively@bayareacurling.com)

If you are emailing to get your name on the list.....please include the following:
Email address:
Competition(s): M/W US Nationals, M/W Club Nationals, Mixed, PIC
[list any/all that apply to you]
Team: please list skip name if you already have a ‘team’ in any of those cat’s.
(...ideally, I need to get names/info from every member on a team)

I'm hoping to have an SJ session on 10/4
....however, if you are an SJ curler, please email info to me prior to that if you can.


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