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The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is building our own curling center in Oakland set to open in 2021. Our affiliation with Oakland Ice Center has ended. Join our mailing list to be notified when new Intro-to-Curling Clinics are announced and leagues are forming.

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2019 Board Elections

The 2019 SFBACC election results are in! Please congratulate and thank the following members who will make up the 2019-2020 SFBACC Board of Directors:
Alex Baxter - Vice President
Katie Mordarski - Secretary (1-year term)
Mike Greenberg - Treasurer
Jim Oller - At-Large Director
Dylan Bland - At-Large Director
Ken Wallis - At-Large Director (1-year term)

We'd also like to give a huge thank you to our outgoing board members, Richard Lazarowich, Sean Franey, Brian Davidson, Loreen Makishima, and Jim Muyo!

Our annual election season is upon us once again. Our 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Sunday, the 31st of March, at the City of Refuge UCC, 8400 Enterprise Way, Oakland, CA, starting at 7:30pm.

At the AGM, we will review the 2018-2019 curling season, conclude our club elections, and have an open forum among members.

Our club elections will conclude at 8:00pm. Any club member may cast a vote in person up until that time. As our by-laws allow for absentee voting, online voting will open up sometime in the next week. A message will be sent once it becomes available. If you have questions regarding the elections, please contact the election committee at election@bayareacurling.com.

From 7:00-7:30pm prior to the AGM and for 30 minutes following the conclusion of the AGM, the club facility at 8450 Enterprise Way will be open for anyone who would like to tour the building. If you have questions about the tour, please contact the DI committee at ice@bayareacurling.com.

The SFBACC Board of Directors currently comprises of nine members - three officers (president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer), five at-large members, and a past president - all of whom serve two-year terms. All nine members serve on a volunteer basis. As a result of the recently passed bylaw amendments, the board of directors going forward will have four officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) and five at-large members.

Terms of the Positions
Board positions whose terms expire this year, and are up for election for two-year terms expiring March 2021, are:

  • Vice President, currently held by Sean Franey
  • Treasurer, currently held by Richard Lazarowich
  • At-large Director, currently held by Loreen Makishima-Wolf
  • At-large Director, currently held by Jim Muyo

  • In order to evenly stagger officer terms, the following position elected this year will serve a one-
    year term expiring March 2020:

  • Secretary, currently held by Richard Lazarowich
  • The other current directors, who will continue to serve until their terms also expire March 2020,

  • Sarah Walsh, President
  • Alex Baxter, At-large Director
  • Erik Jensen, At-large Director
  • Megan Richards, At-large Director
  • The Past President position, currently held by Brian Davidson, will be removed.

    Closing of Nominations
    Pursuant to our club's bylaws, the nomination process shall close 30 days prior to our election date - at 8:00pm, on Friday, March 1st. Self-nomination as well as the nomination of someone else is accepted and, furthermore, a person may be nominated and run for multiple positions. All nominations should be sent to election@bayareacurling.com.

    Acceptance of Nominations
    All nominees will be contacted at the time of their nomination and all nominations must be accepted within 72 hours of the closing of the nomination process - at 8:00pm, on Monday, March 4th. Nominees must be paid-up club members, in good standing, at the time of acceptance.

    Voting Eligibility
    Anyone who purchases a vote-granting type of club membership by the election closing time will be eligible to vote. If one desires to make such a purchase, please find and submit the appropriate form through www.bayareacurling.com/membership.

    Election Validity
    Pursuant to our club's bylaws, an election is deemed valid if 50% + 1 of members counting towards the quorum participate in the vote. At the time of the writing of this notice, there are 132 members of SFBACC eligible to vote, with minor adjustments in numbers potentially being made following the bylaws amendment vote.

    Please direct all questions to election@bayareacurling.com.