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2017 SFBACC Membership Report

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Joined: 12/28/2012

Attached please find the 2017 Membership Report, which compiles both membership registrations and survey results. I've included the original survey questions as a separate document for reference.

Some interesting results:

  • 92 respondents completed the survey (with another 10 partial completions) roughly correlating with overall club demographics
  • 84% of respondents find it acceptable to get e-mail once/week
  • Most curlers are out of Oakland, curling once/week but would prefer 2x times
  • Overall ice quality have slightly improved from the last survey in Fremont & Oakland and remains about the same in San Jose
  • Members felt club equipment was generally in good condition
  • Members on average rated the club 6/10 on meeting their curling needs
  • Many members are interested in Intermediate & Advanced skills training
  • The volunteer survey resulted in 41 responses across 10 areas

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions or comments.

Regards, J

2017 SFBACC Membership Report Public.pdf396.2 KB
2017 Member Survey Questions.pdf834.59 KB
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