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The Year in Curling 2011 - 2012


Fremont Summer League photos

Summer Leagues
- San Jose Summer League - Tuesdays, 10 weeks, 6 teams, 23 players, 7:30-9:30 p.m.
- Oakland Weds Summer League - 12 weeks, 10 teams, 6:45-8:45 p.m. - League winners: Team "The Bitter End" - Brian Patrick, Chris Mina, Zachary Williams, Jennifer Clowers
- Oakland Fri Instructional League - 8 weeks, 4 teams
- Fremont League - (Thursday nights)

Competitive Curling Clinic - The SFBACC is offering a competitive curling clinic on three nights in late September. Canadian high performance coach, Yadranka Thompson, will be leading the sessions. Her partner, Greg McAulay, the 2000 World Champion skip will also be there for the Oakland Wednesday and Friday sessions. Both Yadranka and Greg are expert technicians and see sports psychology as one of the key components to success at the highest level. They also helped coach local curler Gabrielle Coleman to a tied-for-fifth finish at Women's Nationals in 2011.


Fall League
- San Jose Fall League - 11 weeks, 10 teams, 37 curlers, 9:30-11:30 p.m. - League winners: Team Zaitz - Brian Zaitz, Barry Ivy, Davinna Kong, Mason Kong
- Oakland Fall League - 11 weeks, 10 teams, 6:45-8:45 p.m. - League Winners: Team "Mike's Hurry Hard Lemonade Co." Brian Patrick, Wes Seeger, Mike Greenberg, Phil Lorin

US Mixed Doubles National Championships - December ___, Broomstones Curling Club - Team Ivy (Barry Ivy, Britt Rjanikov (Broomstones)) finish 4th - the best performance ever in this event for an arena curler, a MoPac curler and an SFBACC curler.

Holiday Party - December 17 - photos


Winter Leagues
- San Jose Winter League - 10 weeks, 10 teams, 9:30 p.m.- 11:30 p.m. - League Winners: Team Zaitz - Brian Zaitz, Mason Kong, Stacey MacNeil, Margery Kanemoto
- Oakland Weds Winter League - played in two divisions - 11 weeks, 10 teams, 6:45-8:45 p.m.

MoPac Club Nationals Playdown - Jan 13-15, Olympic Speed Skating Oval, Salt Lake City -

Learn-to-Curl for Summit Series in Tahoe - January 29 - Club members teach a learn-to-curl clinic for participants at a Summit Series weekend at The Resort at Squaw Valley. About 40 people try curling over 3 hours. photos

MoPac Mixed Nationals Playdown - Feb 3-5, Seattle -

California PIC Playdown - February 18-20, Hollywood Curling Club - Women: 5 women's team compete for 2 spots, including 2 SFBACC teams: Team Altus (TC Altus, Regan Mizuno, Stacey MacNeil and Loreen Makishima-Wolf) and Team Walsh (Sarah Walsh, Kim Chapin, Emily Kimmel, Emily Schermerhorn). Teams Altus and Walsh win the berths, but Walsh cannot attend so Team Messier of Hollywood gets the CA 2 spot. Men: 5 men's teams compete for a single spot, including 3 SFBACC teams: Team Ivy (Barry Ivy, Stephen Marshcall, Richard Lazarowich, Jay Diamond), Team Seeger (Wesley Seeger, Michael Greenberg, Phil Lorin, Brian Patrick, Justin McBride) and Team Wiesen (David Wiesen, Alex Baxter, Adam Kapp, Roland Gong, Chris Mina). Team McLachlan from Curl San Diego wins the men's berth. Teams Wiesen and Ivy finish in a 3-way tie for second.

Club Nationals Championship- March 3-10, Mankato, MN - MoPac 1, Team Coleman (Gabrielle Coleman, Regan Mizuno, TC Altus, Stacey MacNeil)from the SFBACC, sets a new record for an arena team in this event, finishing 4th with a round robin record of 7-2. MoPac 2, Team Walsh (Sarah Walsh, Kim Chapin, Emily Kimmel, Emily Schermerhorn), also from the SFBACC, finish with a 1-8 record - an impressive finish for a first trip to Nationals. This is Schermerhorn's first time curling on dedicated ice. photos

US Mixed National Championship - March 17-24, Portage, WI - Team Sieg (Lyle Sieg, Britt Rjanikov, Barry Ivy, Stacey MacNeil) wins silver. This is a tie for the best finish ever for a MoPac team in this event.

Oakland Winter League - photos


Pacific International Cup - April 18-22, Richmond, British Columbia - This year, the pools are separated into "International" and "British Columbia" for the first times. The CA1 team from the SFABCC, Team Altus (TC Altus, Regan Mizuno, Cynthia Sharp Parton (Canada), Loreen Makishima-Wolf), finishes 1-6.

Board Elections - March 29 - In the 2012 election, the club voted to expand the board to nine people, adding one at-large position and a past-president position. The 2012 board is:

President, Brian Patrick **
Vice President, TC Altus
Treasurer/Secretary, Greg Wollenman
At-Large, Wesley Seeger **
At-Large, Michael Lively
At-Large, Chris DeLauder
At-Large, Mike Greenberg **
At-Large, Colleen Buyers **
Past President, Brent Halpenny
(**newly elected, or re-elected)

Spring Leagues
- San Jose Spring League - 12 weeks, 8 teams, 29 curlers, 7:45-9:45 p.m. - League winners: Team Dias - Tom Dias, Mason and Davinna Kong, Brian Zaitz and Stacey MacNeil, Ryan Winterbourne
- Oakland Weds Spring League - 12 weeks, 10 teams, 40 curlers, 6:45-8:45 p.m.
- Oakland Fri Spring League - 10 weeks, 9 teams, various night times

Fremont Spring League, Practice Ice and Private Advanced Lessons - April-June - photos

Norway Day Clinic - May 4, Oakland - With 2010 Olympic silver medalist Christoffer Svae teaches an open house and an expert clinic. photos

Norway Day Weekend - May 5-6

Golden Gate Bonspiel - May 27-27 -
Photos Part 1, Photos Part 2, Photos Part 3, Photos Opening Ceremonies, Photos Sharkie, Photos Wine Tour

A Event: Big Rocks (Green Bay CC, Avonair)
B Event: Curling Dervishes (SFBACC)
C Event: It's Just Us (Cleveland SC)
D Event: Team S.L. Ut. (Ogden CC, SFBACC)

San Jose Spring League - June 26 - photos

Youth League in Oakland - May-June - The SFBACC hosts its first youth league on Saturday afternoons in Oakland.