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The Year in Curling 2008 - 2009

Summer 2008

5 Sheets in San Jose - July 2 - Sharks Ice helps the SFBACC to expand by allowing 5 sheets to be painted in San Jose. more photos

Monterey Scottish Games - July 5 & 6 - The club's booth at the Monterey Scottish Games and Celtic Festival was a huge hit again! more photos

Open House San Jose - July 8 - About 55 people attend an open house in San Jose. more photos

Open House Fremont - July 10 - About 60 people attend an open house in Fremont. more photos

... and after the open house, Brian A. puts on a different demo - Fire Poi more photos

Live on NBC! - August 22 - KNTV Reporter Bob Redell curls with the SFBACC before our Winter Olympics Open House at Sharks Ice at San Jose. more photos

Winter Olympics Sampler Open House - August 24, the last day of the Beijing Olympics - About 60 people joined us on a Sunday morning to try curling. more photos

Summer Lessons and Leagues - July to September
• San Jose - The club and Sharks Ice hold lessons in San Jose for about a dozen students, Tuesdays, 7:30 - 9:30 pm with some late sessions more photos

• Fremont - 32 curlers participate in a league and practice sessions in Fremont, Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:30 pm more photos

All-Club Meeting and BBQ - September 20 - The club holds an All-Club meeting and BBQ at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale. more photos

Fall 2008

Fall Open Houses
• San Jose - September 23 - The club and Sharks Ice host an open house from 9:30 - 11:30 pm, about 40 people attend. more photos

• Fremont - September 27 - The club and Sharks Ice host an open house from 9:45 - 11:45 pm, about 30 people attend.

Mixed Doubles National Championship - December - SFBACC curler, Gabrielle Coleman, competes at the Mixed Doubles National Championship with Seattle teammate, David Cornfield. Team Cornfield finishes 2-5.

Fall League in San Jose - October - December - A fall league was held in San Jose with 6 teams, including several new players. Team Sieg (Lyle Sieg, Gabrielle Coleman, Davinna Ohlson, Trish Hambridge) wins the league. more photos

Quarterly All-Club Meeting Held - December 16

Winter 2009

Winter Curling Clinic – San Jose, Tuesday, January 6, 9:30-11:30 pm

Winter League – San Jose, Tuesdays, Jan – Mar, 9:30-11:30 pm

SFBACC launches remodeled web site - January

Club National Playdowns – January 24 & 25 – Team Halpenny (Brent Halpenny, Barry Ivy, Stephen Marshall, Mike Greenberg) represent the SFBACC at the MoPac playdown, but unfortunately, do not qualify. No SFBACC women enter a team this year, though SFBACC member, Gabrielle Coleman, enters with Washington state and wins bronze. more photos

Olympic Trials and Playdowns – Jan – Feb – SFBACC curler, Gabrielle Coleman, plays for Team Cristin Clark at the Olympic Trials. The team finishes 8th. Club member, Lyle Sieg, also plays down for the Trials, making it to Challenge Round, but just missing the cut. more photos

Mixed National Playdowns – February 14 & 15 – SFBACC curlers, Team Halpenny (Brent Halpenny, Candace Siep, Mike Greenberg, Loreen Makishima) enter the MoPac 4-person Mixed Nationals playdown. Team Maxie, of AZ, wins the regional spot.

Pacific International Cup Playdowns – February – March – Team Sieg (Lyle Sieg, Barry Ivy, Brian Zaitz, Mason Kong) defeats Team Halpenny (Brent Halpenny, Mike Greenberg, Bruce MacIsaac, Mike Loomis) in a best of 3 series to win the California berth at the Pacific International Cup in April. Team Coleman (Gabrielle Coleman, Nikki Larrabure, Loreen Makishima, TC Altus) will represent the California women.

All-Club Meetings and Elections – March 17 – Nikki Larrabure becomes new VP; Brian Zaitz and Stacey MacNeil become At-Large board members.

Spring 2009

Board Elections - March - The '08-'09 Board is:
- President, Brent Halpenny
- Vice President, Nikki Larrabure (newly elected to this post)
- Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Loomis
- At-Large, Lyle Sieg
- At-Large, Beverly Van Pelt
- At-Large, Brian Zaitz (re-elected)
- At-Large, Stacey MacNeil (newly elected)

Curling Clinics
• March 31, Tuesday, 9:30-11:30 pm, San Jose, turnout of about 30 more photos
• April 2, Thursday, 8-10 pm, Fremont, turnout of about 40 more photos

Spring Lessons - Lessons are held in San Jose and Fremont for about 10 students, Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 pm, and Thursdays, 7:45-10 pm.

Spring League - A spring league is held in Fremont, Thursdays, 7:45-10 pm. A mini mixed doubles league is also held on Tuesdays in San Jose for 6 weeks, May 19 - June 23. more photos

Deaf World Championships - April 11-18 - Club members, Karen Officer and JoDee Dike-Johnson play for the US deaf team at the world championships in Winnipeg, Canada. The US team takes silver.

Pacific International Cup - April 15-19 - Both the men's and women's teams finish with 4-3 records. (Men's team: Lyle Sieg, Barry Ivy, Brian Zaitz, Mason Kong; Women's team: Juanita Wanamaker (BC), Nikki Larrabure, TC Altus, Loreen Makishima) more photos

Instructor Level 1 and 2 Training Classes - Level 2 held in San Jose on June 9. Level 1 held in San Jose on June 16.

All-Club Meeting - June 11(?)

Oakland's Uptown Unveiled - June 18 - The SFBACC has a booth at Oakland's Uptown Unveiled street fair to get the word out about the club's new Oakland curling program.