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The Year in Curling 2007-2008

Summer 2007

All-Club Meeting – July 11

Summer League – July-September – The SFBACC holds a summer league in Fremont on Thursdays, 7:30-9:45 pm.

Scottish Highland Games – July, August & September – The club has booths at the Monterey, Oakland (Dunsmuir) and Pleasanton Scottish Highland Games in an effort to spread the word about curling and recruit new curlers. more photos

Summer Picnic – August – The club hosts a “get ready for curling season” picnic in Sunnyvale. About 40 members and guests attend. more photos

Side Sheet “Intro to Curling” – August – The club begins a free drop-in “Intro to Curling” program on the “side sheets” next to the summer league games in Fremont. 55 people participate; several become members. more photos

WineCountry Bonspiel, “The Crush” – August 31- September 2 – The first full-length bonspiel in California in decades is hosted by the WineCountry Curling club. The national champion and world bronze medal winning Todd Birr rink attend as special guests and win. Doug McNabb, an SFBACC founder and skip of the club’s 1978 men’s national team, threw out the first rock. McNabb’s 1978 teammates, Bob Kuhl and Jerome Larson were on had to cheer him on.

80 Members – August – The SFBACC reaches the 80 member mark for the first time in about three decades.

Fall 2007

Lyle’s on CurlTV! – October – Lyle Sieg becomes the first SFBACC member to play a game on CurlTV. Sieg shoots second on Team Brian Wight in the “Bilesky vs. Wight” match in the Westcoast Curling Classic.

Fall Leagues – October-December – Two fall leagues are held:
- San Jose – Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 pm. League winners: Team Coleman (Gabrielle Coleman, Andrew Bernard, Carl Norum, Matt Byom)more photos
- Fremont – Saturdays, 9:45-11:45 pm. The SFBACC holds its first “super league,” a competitive league with no restrictions on team compositions. League winners: Tie between Team Ivy and Team Sieg. Team Ivy: Barry Ivy, Jon Nall, Eric Macauley, Bill Welch; Team Sieg: Lyle Sieg, Candace Siep, Brannon Wells, Nikki Larrabure.

First Competitive Curling Meeting Held – October – For the first time in decades, California has enough clubs and curlers to need a state meeting to organize the selection of regional teams for competitive events. The SFBACC hosts this meeting, all California clubs are invited and curlers from the SFBACC and WCC attend.

Club Adopts New Bylaws – October 12

All-Club Meeting; Board Elections – November 13 – This is the first time an online ballot is used – and voter participation is high. The new board:
- President – Brent Halpenny
- Vice-President – Gabrielle Coleman
- Secretary/Treasurer – Michael Loomis
- At-Large – Lyle Sieg
- At-Large – Beverly Van Pelt
- At-Large – Brian Zaitz
- At-Large – Nikki Larrabure
Many thanks to our outgoing board members, Dave Peck, Yvonne Reddy, Barry Ivy, Allan Barber and Gordon Mullin, for your service to the club!

WCC Curler is Alternate for National Wheelchair Curling Team – November – WineCountry curler, Patrick McDonald, qualifies for a spot as an alternate on the National Wheelchair curling team.

Club Nationals Teams Determined – December
- Men’s: Team Halpenny defeats Team Ivy to earn the right to represent the SFBACC at the MoPac Club Nationals Playdown. Team Halpenny: Brent Halpenny, Jay Diamond, Stephen Marschall, Mike Greenberg
- Women’s: There is no internal club playdown for the Women’s Club Nationals. Team Coleman, therefore, becomes the SFBACC representatives at the MoPac Women’s Club Playdowns for a second year. Team Coleman: Gabrielle Coleman, Beverly Van Pelt, JoDee Dike-Johnson, Karen Officer

NBC Curling Event – December 17 – NBC reporter, Bob Redell, joins the curlers at Downtown Ice in San Jose for a live report on the 11 am news. San Jose Mercury News reporters also cover the event which promotes an upcoming open house and the 2nd Annual Korbel Curling Challenge. more photos

Open House – December 22 - The club holds an open house in San Jose and has a great turnout of approximately 80 new people (about 10 of whom stay afterwards to play in the league.) Former SFBACC president and 1962 men’s national competitor, Carroll McCune, joins in as well.

Winter 2008

Open House – January 12 – The club and Sharks Ice host the winter season open house, Saturday, January 12 from 9:15-11:45 pm in Fremont.

2 Winter Leagues – January-March
- San Jose, Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 pm. The league is oversubscribed. League winners: Doug Devore, Mason Kong, Melonee Wise, Wendy Van Wazer and Tim Richards. more photos

- Fremont, Saturdays, 9:45-11:45 pm. The league begins with two classes in late January, then continues as an instructional league. (It has a much lower turnout than San Jose.) more photos

The Blue Pumas – San Jose Winter League – excerpt from Gabrielle’s Bay Area Curling News, “In a coincidence that could challenge our notion of the nature of the universe, the Blue Pumas, a new team of Pumas, has spontaneously emerged. Much as with the original black Pumas, these new Blue Pumas sprung up from a team of newbie curlers who insisted on playing together as a team. Can a challenge match for Puma supremacy be far behind?” (Andrew, Nick, Chris and Logan)

Bylaws Revised – January 9 – The club passes revised bylaws (per the advice of our nonprofit lawyer) to assist with its 501(c)(3) application.

Club Member in National Elite Qualifier and Challenge Round – January – Lyle Sieg plays for Team Brian Wight in the Men’s National Qualifier in Schenectady, NY. Team Wight qualifies for the Challenge round in late January, but just misses the cut for Nationals.

Club Nationals Playdowns - January 13 – All three California teams fail to qualify during the MoPac Club Nationals playdowns. The Arizona and Oregon men are the winners. California teams: Team Coleman, Team Halpenny and WCC Team Markowski.

Boccespiel – January 19-20 – In an event co-sponsored with Campo de Bocce in Livermore, 16 curlers and 16 bocce players spend a weekend trying each other’s sports. On Saturday night, everyone curls and on Sunday afternoon, everyone plays bocce. more photos

Mixed Bonspiel in Seattle – January 28 – Many SFBACC players travel to Seattle for a mixed bonspiel. Team Ivy (Barry Ivy, Miyo Konno (WA), Jeff Tomlinson (OR), Gabrielle Coleman) win the B-event. Team Kong (Mason Kong, Beverly Van Pelt, Mike Greenberg, Sarah Walsh) make it to the C-event semi-finals. (Photo: Barry, Mike and Sarah waiting for the plane home)

MoPac Mixed Nationals Playdown in Seattle – February 2-3 – Two teams featuring SFBACC curlers participate in the MoPac Mixed Nationals playdowns: Team Sieg (Lyle Sieg, Candace Seip, Brannon Wells, Nikki Larrabure) and Team Ivy (Barry Ivy, Miyo Konno (WA), Jeff Tomlinson (OR), Gabrielle Coleman) Both fail to qualify, losing to Team Fred Maxie of AZ.

Deaf Team Trials – March 1 – No tryout is held. Club members JoDee Dike-Johnson and Karen Officer are selected for the second time.

All-Club Meeting – March 11 – The club holds an All-Club meeting. Sharks Ice hosts a pre-meeting reception and volunteer appreciation dinner.

50th Anniversary of the SFBACC – March 13, 2008

USWCA All-American – March 15-16 – Seven SFBACC curlers attend the seond combined California, Oregon and Washington USWCA All-American in Seattle. SFBACC attendees: Trish Hambridge, Loreen Makishima, Pam Biesenthal, Alice Hartman, Barbara Feist, Wendy Feist, Gabrielle Coleman. more photos

Instructor Training Sessions – March – The club holds its first USCA Instructor Level 2 training class on March 15, and two Level 1 training classes on March 22 and 29. All classes are held in Fremont and all classes are four hours long. more photos

Spring Season – April-June – The club holds two combined league/lesson sessions:
- San Jose, Tuesdays, 7:45-9:45 pm.
- Fremont, Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 pm. There were no playoffs held for the Fremont Spring league. The top teams at the end of the round robin were Team Ivy (6-1-0) and Team Seeger (4-2-1). Team Ivy: Barry Ivy, Mike Greenberg, Margery Kanemoto, Mark Valade. Team Seeger: Wes Seeger, Barbara Feist, Doug Bone, Kyra Halpenny. Level 1 curling lessons are also taught for a small group of people. more photos

Pacific International Cup – April 16-20 – California sends a men’s and – for the first time – a women’s team to the Pacific International Cup in Richmond, BC. Both California teams finish with a 2-5 record and the CA women win the sportsmanship award. Men’s team: David Markowski, Dave Holt, Eric Hazard, John Tryon, Barry Ivy. Women’s team: Colleen Foley (OR), Gabrielle Coleman, Beverly Van Pelt, TC Altus. more photos

50th Anniversary Banquet – April 26 – The SFBACC holds a banquet to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Special guests include: Carroll McCune, Gordon Mullin, Jerome Larson (and Doug McNabb in absentia) more photos
Video Part 1: Intro and first half of Carroll McCune speech
Video Part 2: Second half of Carroll McCune speech
Video Part 3: More speeches and dancing

California Men Spice-up Hibbing’s Last Chance – April – Brian Z., Tony G., Jesse E. and Daniel E. got to Brian’s hometown of Hibbing, MN for the infamous “Last Chance” bonspiel. The spiel features more than 100 men’s teams, and who does the local paper write about? California! Here’s the article: (add link)

Golden Gate Bonspiel: Celebrating 50 Years of the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club – May 23-25 – The SFBACC holds its first full-length bonspiel in decades. 24 teams participate. Special features: 4 game guarantee, wine tasting and lunch at the Tenuda winery, Midnight Mystery Tour. Winners: Team Ken Watson. event web site; full results; more photos

The SFBACC Becomes a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit – May 30

All-Club Meeting – June 26