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The Year in Curling 2006 - 2007

Spring 2006

Olympic Open Houses - February - During the Torino Olympics, the SFBACC holds a series of open houses. Hundreds of people attend. (photos below)

First Class - March 21 - The club's first curling class begins. So many people sign up that there is a waiting list for the first round. 48 people participate in the San Jose class which is 12 weeks long.

Summer 2006

Summer Lessons and League - July 13 - A second round of classes begins in Fremont. The class is 8 weeks long. The SFBACC also holds a summer league in San Jose. League winners, Team Seip: Candace Seip, Paul Dion, Trish Hambridge, Barbara Feist

WineCountry Curling Founded - Jerome Larson and several of the women from the first San Jose class form WineCountry Curling in Vacaville.

Fall 2006

Fall Open House - The club holds another open house.

Fall League - September 16 - A fall league begins in Fremont. League winners, Team Mike Santos

Beginner and Advanced Beginner Classes - October 31 - A beginner and an advanced beginner class begins in San Jose. This is the first time an advanced beginner class is held.

Team Sieg Wins Seattle Spiel - November - Team Sieg (Lyle Seig, Candace Seip, Brannon Wells, Mike Santos) win the Seattle November Spiel.

All-Club Meeting - Nov 21 - An All-Club meeting is held.

Winter 2007

Two Winter Leagues Held - January 9 to March 24
- Fremont winners: the Team of 7 (photo (L-R): Barry Ivy, Alice Mansell, Nikki Larrabure, Gabrielle Coleman, Mason Kong, Mike Loomis, Hilary Mills (not in photo))

- San Jose winners: Team Sieg (Lyle Sieg, Nikki Larrabure, Mason Kong and Hilary Mills)


SFBACC Launches New Web Site

Bay Area Bonspiel - December 29 & 30 – WineCountry Curling hosts a mini-spiel on the evenings of Dec 29 and Dec 30. This is the first bay area bonspiel in decades. Games are 4 ends. Winners (photo R-L): Eric Hazard, Edith Loudon (Scotland), David Markowski, Margery Kanemoto

Team Sieg Wins MoPac Mixed Nationals Playdown - January 14

California Women Win MoPac Club Nationals Playdown - January 21

SFBACC Curlers Win Silver in Deaflympics - February - SFBACC curlers Karen Officer and JoDee Dike-Johnson play lead and second for the first US Women's Deaflympic curling team. They win silver. more photos

CA women win B-event at USWCA 5 & Under – February 2007 - Team Coleman wins the B-event at the USWCA 5 & Under in Grand Forks, ND. Team: (Photo L-R) Gabrielle Coleman, Joanne Wilson (Grand Forks), Margery Kanemoto, TC Altus

Spring 2007

CA Women Compete at Club Nationals – March 2007 - California women finish 9th (of 10) at Club Nationals in St. Paul. They are the first California women's competitive team. (Team: Gabrielle Coleman, Beverly Van Pelt, JoDee Dike-Johnson, Karen Officer, Coach: Barry Ivy) more photos

Team Sieg Wins Silver at Mixed Nationals – March 2007 - Team Sieg finishes 2nd at Mixed Nationals in Grafton, ND. It is the first time since 1961 that a California team has won a medal in a national championship, and the best finish ever for a California team in mixed. (Team Sieg: Lyle Sieg, Christina Pastula (Seattle), Brannon Wells, Candace Seip)

CA Women in USWCA All-American - California women participate in a USWCA All-American event for the first time in Seattle. (Loreen Makishima, Barbara Feist, Wendy Feist, Alice Hartman and Pam Biesenthal) more photos

Pacific International Cup – April 2007 - The California men win silver - it is the best finish ever for a California team. (Team California: Lyle Sieg, Barry Ivy, Chris Lynch, Mike Santos) The Oregon women (with 2 California players) finish 2-5 and win the shoot-out. (Team Oregon: Dana Watson, Gabrielle Coleman, Erin Eide, Gwyn Dryden, Beverly Van Pelt) Barry Ivy is honored with a gold medal for his contribution to curling. more photos

Spring Open House - April 10 - The SFBACC and Logitech host an open house in San Jose. About 60 people attend. more photos

Spring League - April to June - A 12 week league is held in Fremont from 7:30-9:30 on Thursdays. Photos June 21 June 14 April 26 League winners (photo right): Barry Ivy, Nikki Larrabure, Jon Nall (not pictured), Hilary Mills, and special guest stars, Bill Welch and Mike Greenberg.

Spring Lessons - April to June - Beginner lessons are held in San Jose for a class of about 12 on Tuesday nights form 7:30 to 10. Some club members also use free sheets for first-ever practice ice. The class also includes a lesson in tire changing. more photos

Doubles Mini-League - A doubles mini-league is held for 4 weeks. About 14 people participate for at least 1 game. The games follow the mixed doubles format, though teams of any gender mix are allowed. Jon Nall and Bill Welch, a.k.a. Team Puma, a.k.a. the Icy Hot STUNTAZ!!! (or at least 2 of them) return to world domination.

May Funspiel - The SFBACC holds its first bonspiel in decades. It's a 1 day spiel on the Saturday of Memorial day weekend, skins format. The Kong rink wins (Mason Kong, Nikki Larrabure, Hilary Mills and Lyle Sieg.) Participants include WCC curlers and even one person from LA. Doug McNabb, a club founder, throws the first rock. more photos

Team Kong Finishes Well In Ogden Spiel - May - Team Kong (Mason Kong, Margery Kanemoto, Art Dominguez and Alice Hartman) lose their first game but win the rest at the Rocky Mountain Bonspiel in Ogden, Utah.