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The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is building our own curling center in Oakland set to open in 2020. Our affiliation with Oakland Ice Center has ended. Join our mailing list to be notified when new Intro-to-Curling Clinics are announced and leagues are forming.

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Board Election 2020 Candidate Statements

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Alex Baxter

Alex Baxter


Heather Pritchard

Heather PritchardHi members! I'm excited to have the chance to serve as your next secretary. I started curling recently, in June 2018, when Michael Jaschob and I attended a learn-to-curl, and we just... never really stopped curling after that. I've been a very active member in the last two years, attending Arena Nationals and multiple bonspiels representing the club, and slogging through the questionable ice conditions that are Oakland Ice week-after-week.

As we open our new facility, I'd like to see an increased focus on not only growing our membership, but facilitating existing member education. We've got the community part down, but what's missing (for me) is an emphasis on elevating the skill level of our current members.

I bring 11 years of non-profit board experience to this role, serving in multiple positions (including National President) on the Omega Phi Alpha national service organization board of directors. I am 100% an ESTJ, ruled by efficiency and organization. In my professional life, I've worked in the SaaS space for 7 years, consulting on and implementing software solutions. In my spare time, I coach CrossFit part-time in Oakland, and snuggle with my adorably lazy greyhound Shea.

I'm looking forward to serving our membership over the next two years!


Adam Price

Adam PriceGreetings SFBACC, and many thanks for the Board nomination! You have all inspired me over the past two years by welcoming me into your community, traveling with me, and sharing your great attitudes and your love for the game!

As we prepare to open our dedicated facility, it’s critical for us to focus on growing our club and community. There’s plenty of interest out there to capitalize on, but outreach and accessibility are key to doing so. My goal as board member will be to increase opportunities and remove barriers (time, money, training, etc.) for anyone who wants to curl, from veterans to people who don’t even know what a Canada is. Let’s work together to make a great new home for ourselves, get lots of new members, and become a major curling destination for other clubs!

Thank you for your consideration!

Michael Jaschob

Michael JaschobHi curlers! My name is Michael Jaschob, and I am running for the board as director-at-large. Ever since I bought my girlfriend a learn-to-curl for her birthday in the summer of 2018, I've fallen deeper and deeper into the rabbit-hole that is the sport of curling. Unfortunately, my skills haven't kept up the same pace, but so far that hasn't stopped me. I don't think I've gone more than three weeks without curling since that first LTC.

With the club being close to opening DI, I am excited to help it grow from those new roots. Expanding membership will be one of the most important tasks for the club. There are still so many people out there who need to try curling and join the community! It's really a unique moment for curling in the Bay Area. I'd love to be involved in that opportunity by being on the board for SFBACC.

Kim Chapin

Kim ChapinHello curlers! My name is Kim, and I am running for a Member At-Large position on the Board of Directors. I started curling with SFBACC in 2010, right after the Vancouver Olympics. I was hooked after my first slide, and my love for our quirky sport and wonderful community continues to grow both on and off the ice. My happy place is curling at 3AM in a prom dress (true story), competing in a national championship, socializing with the curling family, teaching a LTC, or just throwing a few practice stones.

While I have not served on our Board before, I’m no stranger to leadership or volunteering. I work as a pharmacy manager by day, and lovingly call SFBACC my “other” part time job. For six years I’ve served as the primary contact for corporate and group event scheduling, as well as back-up (and sometimes full-time) volunteer coordinator. I’ve organized multiple socials, bonspiels, fundraisers, and outreach programs at school/community events. In 2019, I also joined the Dedicated Ice Committee to help with fundraising and communications. And last, but certainly not least, I’ve taught countless LTCs and can’t wait to get back to instruction when we our new facility opens.

Once Dedicated Ice opens, our Board will need to successfully execute SFBACC’s mission, navigate challenges, listen to members, and transform this building into our home. It’s a big job and I believe that I have the experience, passion, creativity, and commitment that’s required. Thank you for your vote and I’ll see you on our ice! Good curling!

I’m Kim Chapin and I approve this message.

Mikhail Simin

Mikhail SiminHi Curlers! I love curling because of the camaraderie that this game surfaces in us, and because discussions of the science around it are never ending! Like many of us I joined after the Winter Olympics and I think this will be my life-long passion. Over the years I've supported curling by donating to SFBACC and other clubs, volunteered with ice prep, and teaching Learn-to-Curls here and in NY!

My goals as a board member at large will include: streamlining communication to a higher frequency, especially around DI; reintroducing Learners' League, training and coaching; and, figuring out pricing that works for all income levels. My previous experience in leadership include being the President of IEEE USC branch, a VP of Racquetball Club, and being a team lead & people manager for the past 5 years.

Megan Richards

Megan RichardsHi Members, I have been a member of SFBACC since 2014 and have served as Drawmaster, At-Large Board member and also serve as MoPac Treasurer. As a current at-large board member I am running for re-election as I look forward to continue to serve the club as we transition into a new phase.

Ken Wallis

Ken WallisHello friends!

In seems like just one short year ago that I was honored to be elected to the board of our amazing club. Actually, it WAS year ago, and so much has changed! We are that much closer to be in our shiny new facility and I would very much like to continue to be part of the board and to help drive us to doors open.

Over the last year, as one of your elected board members-at-large, I have taken on a number of responsibilities in our dedicated ice initiative.

1) Board member overseeing our ice operations. You have likely all seen my requests (pleas) to be part of the IceCrew, the team of dedicated club members that will install our ice and oversee the day to day operations. In conjunction with our Primary Ice Tech, Rob Sinclair, I have ensured that we have developed our volunteer team, took stock of and identified gaps in our ice making and operations equipment, and worked in conjunction with our Treasurer and dedicated ice committee to ensure we have everything we need to make our ice, the most important component of our sport. I have worked with local and friendly out of state ice makers to ensure we have knowledge and support for our first ice installation so we can open our facility on the right foot.

2) Dedicated Ice Committee. As the board member in charge of ice, I have worked closely with our Dedicated Ice Committee to ensure the needs of the ice operations are met, critical timelines are understood and worked towards, and ensured equipment and other expenses were budgeted and planned for.

3) Fundraising. I have helped our fundraising team in reaching out to some key potential sponsors, and taken a lead in working with our city council member to identify fundraising opportunities and ensure the city is supportive and involved with our non-profit goals to support community initiatives/programs and to be an economic benefit to the area.

In short, there is still a lot of work to do, and I would very much like to continue working on these initiatives to see them through to completion, and ensure the State of California will have high quality, dedicated curling ice for us to continue to grow this amazing community and sport.

Thanks in advance for your vote!