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Fundraising for DI Facility - Collecting your recyclables!

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Joined: 01/25/2009

Hello SFBACC members,

Would you like to help with the SFBACC DI project without spending any extra $$ ?

How about saving your recyclables?!!

You can collect and store those plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass bottles for pick up from me (Loreen M).
Depending on how much you can collect, the pickups can be arranged monthly or bi-weekly.
Or we can designate a drop off date at the SFBACC DI site if there is enough interest in this fundraising idea.

So, check out your recyclables. Did you know that 24oz containers are worth 10 cents?!
Please contact me at merch@bayareacurling.com if you are interested in this venture.

Thank you for your time.

Loreen Makishima-Wolf
SFBACC member

PS: Thanks to Yvonne Reddy as she used recyclables as a fundraiser some years ago now.

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