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2016 US Senior Nationals - Men's and Women's Team

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Hello SFBACC "Senior" members,

If you are a US Citizen born by June 1965, you are eligible to for the Senior Men’s/Women’s National Championship that will be held from Jan 27-31, 2016. This is a ‘sign up and go’ event. Location information below:

2016 US Senior Men's National Championship Jan. 27-31 Medford, Wis.
2016 US Senior Women's National Championship Jan. 27-31 Columbus, Ohio

Registration Deadline: 12/30/2015. Early Bird Registration from 12/02 to 12/16. Entry Fee is $110 per player.

If interested, please contact me and let me know if you have a team or wish to put together a team.

Thank you very much for your time and Good Curling!!

Loreen Makishima-Wolf: makiwolf.curling@yahoo.com

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