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Arena Curling Set-up

Photos coming soon!

The exact procedure we use changes a bit from time to time, but here's the general idea. And please remember two things:

1. Be gentle and kind to the equipment! It's easy to scrape and damage the bottom of the stones - and when that happens, they get slow and don't curl properly.

2. Everyone must help set up and clean up! If you're injured or too small to lift rocks, you can still wipe rocks and set hacks, etc.

About 15 minutes before the ice is ready:
- Shovel the snow off the rocks. Be gentle - the plastic rock handles can break and crack and the rock strike bands are easily chipped.
- Carry the rocks onto the ice: Once the Zamboni has finished cutting around the boards, put a sheet of plastic down along the side of the ice and place the rocks on the plastic. (This keeps the granite from soaking up moisture and cracking.)
- (optional) Run warm water over the bottom of the hacks.
- Fill the pebble cans with water

Once the Zamboni has finished:
- Set the hacks into the ice: Place the hacks onto the marks behind the sheet. The hack line on the ice should line up with the "ramp" part of the hack, where you put the ball of your foot while shooting. Stand on the hack for 30 seconds to sink it into the ice. (You do not need to place stones on top of the hacks to help them freeze on. It can damage the stones.) Wipe up the puddles around the hack and any water on the rubber part of the hacks.
- (optional) Clean the ice dust off the playing surface by sweeping, first with the 6' bristle broom, then with the 6' rag broom.
- Pebble - then run the rack of rocks over the pebble to break it.
- Wipe the rocks with a rag (top and bottom if you can) and group them behind the hacks.
- Set up the scoreboards.

Clean-up tips:
- Before you put the rocks back in the storage area, clear any snow and ice off that area. It will make it easier to stack the rocks without them shifting and falling.
- Removing hacks: Be gentle, gentle, gentle!! Please don't damage the edges of the hacks, because they will then scrape (and ruin) sliders and rocks.