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About the US Curling Association (USCA)

The US Curling Association (USCA) is the United States’ governing body for curling and is responsible for selecting national champions to represent the US at the Olympics and other international events. This is done through the “playdown” process.

The USCA is organized into regions:
• Grand National (East Coast)
• Wisconsin
• Minnesota
• North Dakota
• Illinois
• Great Lakes
• Alaska
• Washington
• Mountain Pacific (MoPac)
• At-Large (i.e. Texas)

Our club is a part of MoPac, along with other clubs from California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. In order to participate in playdowns, a curler must be a member of the USCA. Typically, that means the curler must be a full member of a club which is a member of a regional association, like MoPac, which, in turn, is a member of the USCA.

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