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Curling lessons now being offered at San Jose and Fremont

Lessons & leagues begin Tuesday April 7 in San Jose and Thursday, April 9 in Fremont.
The SFBACC will be offering curling lessons in conjunction with Sharks Ice. We will be offering lessons at Sharks Ice at Fremont at the same time that leagues will be going on. Please sign up for classes at the Sharks Ice at Fremont sign-up page. Scroll down and look for "Thursday Curling 7:45-9:45pm". Ignore the listed date of 3/30-5/27. Lessons will be 11 weeks starting Thursday April 9 and concluding Thursday June 18. Price is $250. Please show up at 7:00 p.m. for off-ice instruction.

When you sign up, please indicate in the comment box that you are signing up for lessons (vs. league). It will also help us if you email classes@bayareacurling.com to let us know that you have signed up.

Depending on the level of the students, instruction will range from novice (no experience) to advanced beginner (curling experience and looking to improve).

Lessons will also be offered at Sharks Ice at San Jose from Tuesday April 7 through Tuesday June 16. You can sign up at the Sharks Ice at San Jose sign-up page. Ice time is from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., but there will be one hour of off-ice instruction, so classes begin at 8:30 p.m. Price is $250. These lessons will also be geared to the level of the students.

You do *not* need to be a SFBACC member to take lessons.

Please email any questions to classes@bayareacurling.com.

- Click here to sign up for lessons or leagues in Fremont
- Click here to sign up for lessons or leagues in San Jose

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