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Curling league now being offered at Fremont

Lessons & leagues begin Tuesday April 7 in San Jose and Thursday, April 9 in Fremont.

The SFBACC will be offering curling league in conjunction with Sharks Ice at Fremont. Please sign up for classes at the Sharks Ice at Fremont sign-up page. Scroll down and look for "Thursday Curling 7:45-9:45pm". Ignore the listed date of 3/30-5/27. League will be 11 weeks starting Thursday April 9 and concluding Thursday June 18. Price is $250. Please show up by 7:30 p.m. to help set up the ice so we can get the most out of our ice time.

When you sign up, please indicate in the comment box that you are signing up for leagues (vs. lessons). It will also help us if you email drawmaster@bayareacurling.com to indicate that you have signed up for league. Please also contact the drawmaster if you would like to be on the same team with other players. Also let the drawmaster know if you have any special requests. For example, if you prefer to skip, if you haven't skipped but you would like to or anything else. No experience is required to participate in league; if you are a beginner just let the drawmaster know and we'll make sure you are on a team with players who are ready to help you out.

You must be a SFBACC member to participate in the league. If you are not currently a member, you can become one for $60 by contacting treasurer@bayareacurling.com. Membership allows you to participate in leagues and competitive events until June 2010. You also get a complimentary subscription to curltv.com. If you are not currently a member but plan to become one, feel free to sign up for the league immediately. Speak to our coordinators on the first day of class and we will get you set up.

- Click here to sign up for lessons or leagues in Fremont
- Click here to sign up for lessons or leagues in San Jose

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