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2014 Winter League Registration

Winter league registration is now open. Please familiarize yourself with the process below prior to registering. You can register as an individual curler or one member will be able to sign up a whole team. Payment for some leagues may be available in monthly installments. Here are the details for each league:

Oakland League - Saturdays #2
February 21 - April 4, 3:15-5:15pm (6 weeks)
Cost: $154/person ($123 juniors) $128/person ($102 juniors)
24 spots
Drawmaster: Bill McMorris - drawmaster-saturday@bayareacurling.com
Status: OPEN: Register »
Note: No league 2/28

Oakland Doubles League - Saturdays #2
February 21 - March 28, 3:15-5:15pm (5 weeks)
Cost: $100/person ($80 juniors)
10 spots
Drawmaster: Sarah Walsh - sarah@bayareacurling.com
Note: No league 2/28. Games will be approximately an hour, beginning either at 3:15 or 4:15 each week. An overview of the rules and strategy of doubles will be provided before the first session for anyone unfamiliar with doubles. Prior league curling experience required.
Status: CLOSED

San Jose League - Tuesdays
January 6 - March 24, 9:30-11:30pm (11 weeks)
Cost: $270/person ($216 juniors)
40 spots
Drawmaster: Stephen Marschall - drawmaster-tuesday@bayareacurling.com
Status: CLOSED

Oakland League - Saturdays #1
January 3 - February 7, 3:15-5:15pm (6 weeks)
Cost: $154/person ($123 juniors)
20 spots
Drawmaster: Bill McMorris - drawmaster-saturday@bayareacurling.com
Status: CLOSED

Oakland League - Fridays
January 2 - April 3, 8:45-10:45pm (13 weeks)
Cost: $315/person ($252 juniors)
48 spots
Drawmaster: Alan Fraley - drawmaster-friday@bayareacurling.com
Note: No league 3/13
Status: CLOSED

Oakland League - Wednesdays
January 7 - April 8, 6:45-8:45pm (14 weeks)
Cost: $315/person ($252 juniors)
48 spots
Drawmaster: Kevin Ryan - drawmaster-wednesday@bayareacurling.com
Status: CLOSED

Oakland Doubles League - Saturdays #1
January 24 - February 7, 3:15-4:15/4:15-5:15pm (3 weeks)
Cost: $60/person ($48 juniors)
8 spots
Drawmaster: Sarah Walsh - sarah@bayareacurling.com
Note: This is a 3-week test league to see if a longer doubles league is feasible. Games will be approximately an hour, beginning either at 3:15 or 4:15 each week. An overview of the rules and strategy of doubles will be provided before the first session for anyone unfamiliar with the game.
Status: CLOSED

Spare Lists: To be added to the spare (substitute) list for a league, please contact the drawmaster.

League Registration Two-Step Process
After completing the registration form you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to complete your registration. YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK WITHIN 24 HOURS of signing up to complete your registration. Payment, either in full or by installment plan (if available), will be required during this step.

Team Registration
Registration will be accepted either individually or as a team. If signing up as a team, please designate 1 team member to sign everyone up to prevent duplicate registrations. You must have 3 or 4 players to register as a team (expect for doubles). Please do not fill in "TBD" registrations for empty spots. If you have a team, please use the team signup rather than each registering individually. While every effort is made to honor teammate requests made during individual signup, the only way to ensure you will be put together is to sign up as a team.

To register your team, please have the full name and email address of each team member available. Each team member will receive their own confirmation email they will be required to click through to complete their registration.

SFBACC Membership
Membership is required to sign up for all leagues. You will not be able to create a login for this site (necessary to complete the league registration process for leagues that require membership) without a current membership. You can purchase or renew your club membership at bayareacurling.com/membership. After purchasing or renewing your membership, please create a bayareacurling.com account at bayareacurling.com/user/register if you do not have one already. You will need to log into your account to complete your league registration, so we advise you verify you can log in prior to the registration date.

What if I don't confirm my registration within 24 hours?
If you don't confirm your registration within 24 hours your spot will be released. If you still wish to play in the league you will need to begin the registration process again.

I won't be available when registration opens. Can someone else sign me up?
Yes. Please make sure the person signing you up uses your correct contact information, as you will still need to receive the confirmation email required to complete your registration with 24 hours.

I don't have a formal team, but there are people I'd like to play with. What should I do?
You should sign up as an individual and use the teammate request box to let the drawmaster know who you'd like to play with. The drawmaster will make every effort to honor teammate requests.

If we register a 3-person team, do we only play with 3 people?
A 4th player will be added to your team by the drawmaster unless there aren't enough players registered to fill out every team to 4.

Can I split a spot on a team with another member?
Yes. Only one of you should register. Please indicate in the comment box the name of the person you will be splitting with. Please note: If individuals sharing a split both wish to curl at the same time, one of them will be treated as a spare for all purposes, including spare payment owed, and determining forfeitures.

What if I need to cancel my registration?
If you haven't confirmed your registration yet, you can cancel your registration using the link in your confirmation email. If you've already confirmed your registration, talk to your drawmaster. Cancellations and refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What if something weird happens during registration?
If you made a mistake or something doesn't work with you registration, please contact the webmaster.