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2/28/14    Learn to Curl  (The Foundation for Global Sports Development)
2/21/14    Wannabe Curlers ‘Hurry Hard’ to Bay Area Curling Club Clinics  (KSEE News)
2/20/14    Alex and Lindsey go Curling  (KSEE News - Fresno)
2/20/14    SJ Sharks and Quakes Go Curling  (SJ Earthquakes)
2/19/14    King of Curl  (Flipboard)
2/18/14    High School Students Are Invited To Try Curling  (NPR)
2/17/14    Bob Redell Practices with Bay Area Curling Club  (NBC Bay Area News)
2/11/14    Only Olympic sport played with brooms finds a home in the Bay Area (KALW)
2/7/14      GoPro Video Makes Curling Look Downright Majestic  (Mashable)
2/6/14      Guess which NFL star is USA curling's honorary captain  (Morning Journal)
2/5/14      49ers football star Vernon Davis' 'other' sport is curling (San Jose Mercury News)
2/5/14      Curling: A captivating Winter Olympics curiosity sweeps into Bay Area  (San Jose Mercury News)
1/6/14      San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club comes to San Jose  (San Jose Mercury News)
1/6/14      NBC Bay Area Reporter Bob Redell Goes Curling  (NBC Bay Area News)

12/18/13   Extraordinary Winter Sports  (AAA - Via Magazine)
10/31/13   What is Curling Anyway? (Global Sports Development)
3/11/13     The sport of Curling coalesces at Lake Tahoe  (In El Dorado County)
1/15/13     Learning Curve  (Diablo Magazine)

7/10/12     Meet the Beer Revolution Curling Team  (Bay Area Craft Beer Blog)
5/16/12     Brooms and Stones on Ice:  Curling Comes to Oakland (Oakland Aegis)
4/17/12     Human Curling! Presented by San Francisco Curling Club  (Video:  You Tube)
3/8/12       Mankato hosts national curling competition  (Mankato Free Press)

12/12/11   Chess on ice?  (Dana Blogs Chess)
2/22/11     Curling playoff takes over Oakland Ice Center  (Oakland North)


7/29/10     Curling With The Stars  (NFL.com)
7/27/10     Davis to host curling event for charity (ESPN)
4/15/10     Post Olympic Fever Burns for Curling  (NBC Bay Area News)
2/19/10     49ers tight end Vernon Davis catches curling bug  (Inside Bay Area)
2/19/10     Curling sweeps its way into Fremont  (Inside Bay Area)
2/19/10     SFist Interviews: Curler Lyle Sieg  (SFist)
2/17/10     Curling on ice  (Tri City Voice)
1/13/10     Curling in the Bay Area is so cool, it's hot (SF Chronicle)
1/8/10       Curling with Vernon Davis  (NBC Bay Area News)