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Pacific International Cup (PIC) and Mixed Update

For all who are interested in competitive curling:

If you want to participate in the US Mixed Championships 2011, please remember to register by January 20 at the USCA webpage.
Our regional playdown is administered by MOPAC. It will be held at the Seattle Curling Club February 26 and 27. The Seattle Calendar shows Monday 2/28 as overflow date, so MOPAC might use it if there are too many teams (WA state is held in parallel sharing the ice).

Alternatively MOPAC might decide to do a regional playdown before Seattle. The process is owned by MOPAC and can’t be decided before the registration deadline is over and the number of teams is known, so when you register you have to accept the uncertainty.

Pacific International Cup
California has been granted one men's and one women's slot. The entry fee is $400 (CAN) per team and needs to be reimbursed to SFBACC who has paid it upfront. We have asked for a second slot, but we haven’t heard back from Richmond CC if we can get one due to cancellations of other invited participants.

There will be a Californian playdown. The plan is to split in Northern and Southern California if we get two slots but as it stands today (one slot) the playdown location might be in Southern California. We are at the moment looking at ice availability on weekends.
As of today one women's team from San Diego, one women's and one or two men's teams from Hollywood are interested. I have not yet received a reply from Vacaville.

We will use the same deadline as the Mixed to cut off participation: January 20. For SFBACC teams, please register with Thomas Vogelsang (e-mail with 4 or 5 players who commit to participate) at thomas@bayareacurling.com. After the deadline the participating clubs have to decide jointly on the final playdown format and location.