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Future Planning Announcement

In the past year, the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club has more than doubled our club membership and seen significant growth in the number of supporters whose lives we have been able to enrich with a curling experience. We've been able to provide open houses, multiple lesson series and, of course, league curling.

During that time, many of our experienced and new curlers have noticed the vast difference in quality between arena ice and dedicated curling ice. For many of us, bringing dedicated curling ice to the Bay Area has been a long-standing goal. If you take curling seriously and would like to be able to curl in games where your skills as a curler are the primary factor in the game's outcome, then dedicated curling ice should be in your dreams as well.

With the resurgence of curling in the Bay Area, the means to achieving that goal have become tantalizingly close. In fact we have been in contact with Shark's Ice about the possibility of a partnership with 2-4 sheets of dedicated ice. We are also exploring the possibility of a central Bay Area facility that we would organize on our own. There are even financing options that might be available to us from the World Curling Federation, the U.S. Curling Association, and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Partnering with Sharks Ice and securing financing from these organizations would be contingent upon confirmed resources and commitments from the SFBACC membership and its independent fundraising efforts. Thus, even with all of these possibilities before us, bringing dedicated ice to the Bay Area is truly a grassroots effort.

To that end, our club needs your help—and a lot of it—if we are to succeed in our quest for dedicated ice. Our club is fortunate to have a membership with a broad diversity of backgrounds and skills. This means that every one of you can make a valuable contribution to this effort. Your help can take many forms such as financial assistance, skilled facility resources, professional skills and good old, hands on hard work. The SFBACC Future Planning Committee is putting together a resource registry to keep track of the many ways that you, as a curler and/or curling supporter, can help us realize our dedicated ice dreams.

Please respond to futureplanning@bayareacurling.com with the types of help you could bring to the project and with any ideas you might have concerning fundraising, organization, operational planning, etc. For example:

  • Are you a tradesperson who could volunteer hours doing electrical, plumbing, or construction work?
  • Are you a professional (lawyer, architect or engineer) who could volunteer your time for contract management, legal filings, loan agreements, build-out design, building code/environmental consulting?
  • Do you have grant writing experience? If so, what are your areas of expertise (e.g., education, youth at risk, community outreach, etc.)?
  • Do you have fundraising experience that you could put to work on a major fundraising campaign?

We'd also like to know how you feel about some member funding options that the committee has discussed and that have been used to some extent at other curling clubs. Some of those ideas include:

  • Providing a tax-deductible donation to the SFBACC charitable organization - $500?, $1000?, or larger amounts pledged over a period of time - $20/mo, $10/wk?
  • Providing interest-free loans to the curling club repayable on some negotiated schedule - $1000?, $5000?, $10000?
  • A flat curling fee that permits unrestricted curling access but in an amount that provides significant support for operational expenses?

Please respond at your earliest convenience so that we can begin to build a plan based on member/supporter-based resource commitments. Please let us know what you think of these ideas and let us know which funding strategies you think would work best for our club and our members. A forum has been set up for open discussion at bayareacurling.com/forum.

Remember, ANY contribution you can make WILL help!

-The Future Planning Committee