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Competitive Curling Update

The following is a competitive curling update for anyone who was unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday.

General Information
For general information check out following pages on our site:
Competitive Curling
USCA Events
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Non-USCA Events

You can also check out the USCA Rules Booklet. The USCA hasn't updated it to the 2010/2011 season yet so the dates are not valid and other items might still be modified, but the booklet should give you an idea about the general procedure.

2010/11 Season
There are three competitions where we expect that more than one team from SFBACC will be interested and a play-down format needs to be selected. Check the web pages quoted above for information about the events.

Club Nationals
MoPac (Mountain-Pacific region: CA, OR, ID, UT, AZ, NV, MT) has one spot each for men and women at the club nationals. The play-down procedure for 2010/11 has not yet been settled. Due to the increasing number of clubs and curlers in the region and the difficulty of all clubs being arena clubs with restricted ice times the SFBACC board expects and is in favor of each club having only one entry into the MoPac play-down. The MoPac play-down will most likely be in Seattle (dedicated ice) mid January. This means SFBACC needs to have a club play-down to determine the men and women team representing SFBACC.

MoPac has again one slot each, but mixed does not require to play down to a single club team. However, if there are too many teams for MoPac to do a single play-down for the Nationals, a California play-down to reduce the number of teams might be necessary. The entry deadline for the Nationals is end of January; all play-downs (CA, MoPac) have to be done by then.

Pacific International Competition
There might be only one men and one women slot for California. The California clubs have been asked to come up with a play-down system; the decision about the system will be made in October or November.

Due to the required play-downs SFBACC needs to close teams and notify MoPac by 10/15. No team can be entered later representing SFBACC. There will be a meeting in Oakland on 10/6 (right after league, 8:45pm) to inform people who could not attend San Jose on 9/21. On Sunday 10/10 everybody who is interested needs to notify Thomas Vogelsang (thomas@bayareacurling.com) stating competition(s) interested in and if she/he is already part of a team. Tuesday 10/12 and Wednesday 10/13 can then be used by players who are interested but have no team yet to meet in person at the leagues in San Jose respectively Oakland to decide if they want to curl together. Friday 10/15 is the cut-off date where every SFBACC team has to be named.

Generally in curling there can be one spare for a team of four. During a series of games which is ruled by a single authority (e.g. SFBACC, MoPac or USCA) teams can freely pick four out of five players for each game, but they cannot have six different players. So try to pick a dedicated spare in the beginning if you think not all of you can make all events.

Play-down Procedure (SFBACC play-down)
The play-downs will be held in November and early December with a maximum of three games per team. The format will depend on the number of teams playing down and will be decided after 10/15 when this number is known. We will be limited by ice availability. Current thoughts are to try to get either a few slots in Fremont (where the time will be awkward) or in Oakland where availability might be better. The board will be talking to Sharks Ice to figure this out. We will try to accommodate preferences of the teams playing down but as you know we don't have control over ice times.

Play-down Procedure (California and MoPac)
The procedure has to be agreed upon by the clubs of California respectively MoPac. These play-downs will involve travel at least for some teams, therefore all games need to be held at one place together.

Please e-mail Thomas Vogelsang at thomas@bayareacurling.com if you have specific questions.