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Elections 2009

Three board positions are up for election this year: Vice President and two At-Large seats. Voting will be held online from March 10 till midnight March 16 and in person at the all-club meeting on March 17. (The winners will be announced at that meeting.) We had considered holding an election for the MoPac rep position - but upon examination of our bylaws and after discussion by the board, we will continue to have that has a board-appointed role.

Understanding the voting system
We will be using the VoteFair system (www.votefair.org) - the same system we used for last year's election. In this system, you rank all the candidates in order of preference and the most preferred candidates will get the office. (This system also makes it possible for candidates to run for more than one office without splitting the vote, though no one chose to do that this year.)

The current board is:
President - Brent Halpenny
Vice President - Gabrielle Coleman *seat up for election this cycle
Secretary/Treasurer - Mike Loomis
At-Large - Lyle Sieg
At-Large - Beverly Van Pelt
At-Large - Brian Zaitz *seat up for election this cycle
At-Large - Nikki Larrabure *seat up for election this cycle

The Candidates
Candidates will be asked to submit a brief statement which will be available soon. All terms are 2 years. When you vote for At-Large, you will rank *all* the candidates in order of preference.

Vice President
Nikki Larrabure
*Since Nikki is running unopposed, she is our new Vice President. Congratulations, Nikki!

Stacey MacNeil
Michael Young
Brian Zaitz

**If we have mistakenly left your name off this list, all apologies! Please contact gcurling@gmail.com for corrections.

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to run. And thank you to all our club members for your service!