Upcoming Events

SFBACC Elections

Thank you to everyone who ran and who voted, and a huge thank you to all our out-going officers.

Board of Directors 2010-2011
President, Brent Halpenny
Vice President, Nikki Larrabure
Secretary/Treasurer, Gabrielle Coleman
At-Large, Brian Zaitz
At-Large, Wesley Seeger
At-Large, Davinna Ohlson
At-Large, Thomas Vogelsang

Other contacts worth knowing: current as of 4/2/10, but likely to change slightly this summer

Learn-to-Curl Clinics:
- San Jose: Kelly Bloom
- Fremont: Michael Young
- Oakland: (soon will be) David Nakama, currently Colleen Buyers

- Lead Instructor: Barry Ivy
- Lessons Coordinator: Davinna Ohlson
- Oakland lead: Wes Seeger

- Drawmaster: Mike Greenberg

Corporate Events:
- San Jose and Fremont: Brian Zaitz
- Oakland: Matt Born

- Head of PR: Brent Halpenny
- Press Liaison: Gabrielle Coleman

- Lyle Sieg bonspiel@bayareacurling.com
- (possible future coordinator) Thomas Vogelsang

Competitive Curling
- Lyle Sieg lyle@bayareacurling.com
- (possible future coordinator) Thomas Vogelsang

Membership Czar
- Mason Kong

SFBACC MoPac Representative
- Barry Ivy

SFBACC US Women's Curling Association Representative
- TC Altus

- Loreen Makishima-Wolf

Social Committee
- Michael Young

- Sarah Walsh
- Mason Kong
- Gabrielle Coleman