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Get Your SFBACC Uniform Jacket!

Loreen is taking orders now for the new uniform jacket! This is the first time we've done this and there were several reasons: 1. so club members have something cool to wear when they're curling or teaching, 2. so club competitors can save money by not having to purchase a jacket for every playdown. The club is planning to purchase a few jackets that can be rented and that will have velcro on the back to attach a last name, if you choose not to buy, but the size choices will be limited. Purchased jackets will have your first name stitched on the front, as well. I'm still waiting for final price info, but I think it will be approx $70 with name stitching a little extra. The jacket is soft-shell with a light fleece lining. There are both men's and women's sizes/cuts. Here are some photos, more info to come.

Follow this link for sizing info

To order, contact Loreen at merch@bayareacurling.com