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SFBACC Curlers in MoPac Mixed Nationals Playdown this Weekend

Just under 20% of the club will be competing in the MoPac Mixed Nationals playdown this weekend. Good luck to: Brent Halpenny, Loreen Makishima, Stacey MacNeil, Mike Loomis, Stephen Marschall, TC Altus, Alice Mansell, Lyle Sieg, Gabrielle Coleman, Barry Ivy, Candace Seip.

The event will feature 6 teams and a brutal schedule. The round-robin of 10 ends games begins Friday night at 11:30 pm (or thereabouts.) Follow along on the Granite Curling Club's web site.

Update (1/31/2010): Congrats to Team Sieg for being the MOPAC representative to the U.S. Mixed Nationals Championship this March!