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A Year-end Letter from the President...

Hello SFBACC curlers and friends,

As we wrap up 2009, it may have been a tough financial year for most of us. However, our club seems to continue to grow. When I joined the club before the 2006 Olympic surge we had at most 20 active curlers, today we have that many attend the monthly board meetings. Every season, we worry about having enough curlers to fill a league, and yet we have done this non-stop since January 2006. Absolutely unbelievable!

I want to thank all of you for the support that you have given to grow our club. I won't name names, because I'm sure to
miss someone. However special thanks to the board members, committee chairs, event coordinators, draw masters, spare master, and the USWCA and MoPac reps.

Also the five hardworking members of our website team. Hasn't our website just grown better and better over the years?
Now we have the Golden Gate Bonspiel site too. Not to be forgotten is our administrator of the yahoo group. Did you know not a day goes by without an inquiry to our club?

In addition thank you to to all our club members that have supported our main revenue source - Corporate Events. In 2009, we had one third of the club members instruct at these events. Many have done multiple events. A hat off to long time curler, Gordon Mullin, as of the last quarterly meeting he'd taught at 8 corporate events, and has taught at another 3 since then. Some others are right on his tail. We have and will shortly invest in some costly equipment, and that is all because of your hard work.

Also thank you to all that participated in our Open House Learn to Curl clinics. Two of every three members participated in these events. Since this is how we get new members - thank you, thank you, thank you. Many of you covered every clinic - Bravo!

We achieved some other major milestones this year. We had the SF Giants players inquire about an event, (keep tuned) and had 49er Vernon Davis come out and curl. More news on that front shortly. Sharks members now know about our club, and wait to see how our club will be promoted at the Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks game just before the Olympic break.

We held a successful clinics for Level 1 and a Level 2 Instructors for MoPac and Washington regional curlers. Our club was the backbone of the USCA mini-conference, and skills camp. We got 4 sets of curling stones refurbished. We now have 15 sets of rings in the Bay Area. Kudos to all that showed up for the ice painting, in Fremont and especially Oakland.

Speaking of ice, long time curlers are impressed with how Sharks Ice is so careful with working on our ice. We had a great event on the 15th teaching them how to curl. They were absolutely blown away with the sport. Only 1 participant had curled before, and now the staff have a buzz about the sport. Thanks to all that helped with that event. You did so much to grow curling in the Bay Area.

Our bonspiel committee has been hard at work too, and we look forward to a great 2010 Memorial Day Weekend bonspiel. We will be very active in 2010, many new and exciting events will be announced shortly. Our website www.bayareacurling.com will have all the exciting news. 2010 starts with our Open House Learn to Curl Clinic Tuesday January 5th in San Jose at 9:15 pm.

Again thank you for your support for leagues, lessons, special events. I feel very privileged to have served with you in 2009. You are all very special individuals. Your self sacrifice and hard work make this the best curling club - any place, anytime, any where.

Keep your brooms on the ice,
Brent Halpenny
SFBACC President