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December All-Club Meeting (Unofficial) Notes

Here are Gabrielle's personal notes from the all-club meeting on Tues, Dec 15. (These aren't official minutes.)

Thank you to all our fabulous volunteers! We'll have more stats on our volunteers below. A reminder to all - we will need everyone's help during the Olympic season to staff classes, clinics and corporate events. This is our once-every-four-years chance to recruit lots of new curlers and build up our treasury for the things we all love, like fast rocks! We know it will be a lot - but we also know that we've got a great group who have come together to transform the club over the last four years. Please remember how club members taught you in classes, skipped your first teams, hung out and socialized at the bar, and shared their love of the game - and help us do that for our soon-to-be new members!

On to the discussions!

Club job structure - Brent says, thank you board members and committee chairs who have sent in your summaries, we're still waiting for a few more, but we're close. The plan is to have a basic listing of all major club work up online in a Google doc by early January.

Bonspiel Committee - meeting on a regular basis - next meeting January 5 at 7:30 pm before the curling clinic. At the Dec 2 meeting, people were assigned tasks - for the next meeting, each person will bring details about plan to get their job done. Question about having groups pay with credit card using Paypal. Group did not feel that was necessary, but if we need to do that, we should pass n service charge to them. (About 4%) Great job on recruiting so far - we have about 8-10 out of town teams verbally confirmed.

Drawmaster report - Fall league ice has been the best ever here. We had a lot of folks out for league, which made it a lot more fun. Everyone seems to under our web site sign-up process and it's working well. We're still waiting for guidance on what will happen next season.

What will happen for next season? - Tuesdays at 9:30 San Jose. Preliminary discussion is: 1 curling clinic to start season (Jan 5), 5 nights of league (or 4 league nights and 1 fun skins/hotshots night), 2 clinics during Olympics, possible 3rd clinic or first night of class on first Tues after Olympics, 4 nights of mini-lesson series. This will be reviewed with Sharks Ice for input next Tues. We also expect to have open houses/clinics on the weekends during the Olympics - hopefully at all our locations. Stay tuned!

Sparemaster - Some people are really good about paying spare/drop-in fees, others don't. Should sparemaster be "the bad guy" and hassle everyone for money? What about out-of-towners? (Discussion - overall feeling is that yes, sparemaster should hassle folks for cash, but that exceptions can be made of single night out-of-town guests.)

Treasury - we have about 11k in the bank with some still owed to us. We have paid for 4 sets of rocks to be refurbished.
Merch - still selling a few things here and there. Gabrielle will add more photos to web site.

Web site - Thank you, Sarah, for all your hard work! We need to set up reimbursement for hosting fees. To do before Olympics - online membership sign-up and league scores and standings online.

Corp Events (Brian has a great handout with analysis - email corpevents@bayareacurling.com for a copy) - So far this year we have done 10 events with 5 more scheduled for this week alone. Will bring in about 6k for the club. We had 4 events that we couldn't do - either too short notice or not enough volunteers. There were also events in Oakland that are not included in these records. 166 volunteer instructor hours provided just for corp events (no exact records kept for clinics and classes - which would add a lot!!) About 32 people volunteered for corp events - Gordon Mullin gets top volunteer honors for doing 8 events. Thank you to everyone who volunteers, it is key to our good relationship with Sharks Ice! Looking ahead - there may be a 100 person event for the club that could raise about 2.5k, please help with that when the time comes! Also, expect us to get lots of requests this winter and spring because of Olympics. We may move to system of preplanning when we can staff events and scheduling that way - stay tuned. (Discussion as to how to handle heavy load for volunteers.)

Rocks and Freezers - Do we have enough rocks to curl in all three locations? May be able to use WCC rocks, may be able to survive with current rocks split at all three spots. Gabrielle investigated rocks in Vancouver but board in reluctant to bid on those. Gabrielle also knows club in Minnesota looking to lease or sell their 5 sets of new rocks as they have lost their ice - will investigate. Freezers - Barry: They will be purchased before end of year, however, price is going up - there are some options to reduce cost if we build it ourselves, but not sure if that is best plan. Freezer units now cost 6-7k plus maybe 1-2k for wiring. Also need carts, ramp. Colleen has also done some investigating and will join discussion.

PR for Olympics - already underway, several articles with major papers, NBC, school outreach, etc. - just waiting for times/dates of Olympic open houses. Please email gabrielle@bayareacurling.com if you want to help plan watch parties or design flyers, etc.

Open House/Curling Clinic team needed - Brent needs to focus on doing "big picture" work of being president and so we need some folks to step up and take on organization of open houses/curling clinics. Job(s) description will be up soon - includes setting up, contacting participants afterwards to recruit, etc.