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Officiating Clinics in Seattle - Nov 15

This is designed for Granite members, but they may be willing to take interested SFBACC members. Here's the GCC email:

On Sunday, November 15th we will be conducting a Level I and II officiating clinic to train new (and refresh current) officials on everything you need to know to officiate at a USCA curling event. This is also a great opportunity for new curlers to learn the ins-and-outs of the rules of curling.

Obtaining USCA certification requires taking the officiating course, as well as practical experience gained through actual officiating. GCC will once again be hosting a national event this year, the USCA Mixed Doubles National Championship. In addition, we will have several other opportunities for experience throughout the year and depend on our club members to supply the officials to make these events a success!

The cost of the clinic is $15, which is the fee to register you as an official with the USCA. Any currently registered official who wishes to attend the clinic as a refresher may do so at no cost (but please let us know that you plan to attend).

Current Level I officials who plan to time games during the Mixed Doubles championship should plan on attending this clinic if at all possible as we will be focusing on specific rules for Mixed Doubles curling which is slightly different from normal.

The clinic will start at 11:00am and should be done around 3:00pm.

For more information or to sign-up to attend, please contact Joe Roberts (jvroberts@gmail.com)