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Board Meeting Notes from Oct 20, 2009

These are Gabrielle's meeting notes - they are not official minutes:

Uniform Jackets
• discussion of plan to create uniform jacket (which members are now voting on)

Board/Club Structure
• Following the USCA/MoPac mini-conference, the SFBACC wants to become more organized. Brent requests that all board members, committee chairs and volunteers with heavy work loads make a list of the type of work they do and how long it takes, so that we can assess what goes into making a functioning club and see if there are better ways to divide the load. The “at-large” board positions and VP will probably have some more clearly defined scopes of work. (Respondents should also include their short term and long term vision for the club.)
• Also – we will make a plan for emeritus/mentoring roles for former board members to help with succession.
• Board positions that will be up for vote in March 2010: Lyle, Colleen, Brent and Mike Loomis

Next Season – the Olympic Season
• The Olympics will fall during the middle of the next season, Winter 2010.
• Winter Season – Jan-March – For reference, in 2006, we had between 500 and 1000 people attend open houses, and we had 80 sign up for lessons, 50 were able to fill the April-June session, then 30 more were in the July-Sept group. Following much discussion, here’s what the tentative plan is:
o San Jose – This is the only place we’ll have a league this season (barring a sudden interest in curling in Fremont on Saturday nights). The curling clinic will be Jan 5, and the first day of league will be Jan 12. It will be Tuesdays at 9:30 pm. ***However*** Because we want to get as many new members as possible during the Olympics, we will probably only hold a mini-league, from Jan 12 to mid-Feb when curling starts in the Olympics. During the games, we’d convert our league night to a curling clinic, then for the 4-6 weeks following, we’d hold a lesson series. (This would start with off-ice time at 8:30 pm.) We will also likely be participating in SI’s Winter Games Open Houses on the weekends.
o Fremont – only open houses during winter season
o Oakland – ice will become available the first week of March on Wednesdays at 7 or 7:15 pm till 9 or 9:15. Initially, it will mostly likely be short lesson series and curling clinics.
• Spring season – April-June – This will be lessons or instructional leagues, depending on demand. We expect to have curling in all 3 locations. If we have all instructional leagues, this will put a strain on our rock supply. We are looking into solutions.

There was a lot of discussion as to what the best course of action for the club is during this critical time. Here are a few discussion and action points:
o How long should lesson series be? While 12 week lesson series are great for producing good, prepared curlers, they are expensive for folks who aren’t sure if they will like curling. Argument – there should be a 3 night series to help us get more folks in and to allow people a low-risk sample. Counter-argument – It’s not possible to really prepare a curler in that short a time in skill as well as culture and etiquette. What if they miss one week? Then they will be very far behind. And it takes a certain amount of time to integrate socially with the existing club members. Conclusion: 6 weeks seems to be the minimum most experienced members are comfortable with. The goal is to gain members – and more time seems to help with that.
o What are our goals during this time – make money? introduce as many people as possible to curling? get as many new members as possible? - discussion that these goals are not all the same. One point was – we have 4 years to hold corporate events and raise cash – but we have only 1 Olympic year to get big influx of new members. “The Olympics is our opportunity to gain members, not income.” says one long-time member.
o What are our larger goals for the club? - need to renew discussions of this
o How will we integrate so many new members socially? Need to work to plan more social events.
o Are our post-2006 curlers uninterested in curling with newbies? There is some concern that our old new curlers just want to curl with good curlers and friends and are no longer interested in curling with newbies.

o No help from other MoPac clubs – will continue investigating

Action Groups Looking for Members:
o Colleen will be organizing a planning group for 2010 activities