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MOPAC Playdown Results: Teams Coleman and Walsh qualify for Club Nationals!

Congratulations to Team Coleman on winning the women's event at MOPAC Playdowns! The win qualifies the team for Club Nationals, with Team Walsh picking up the other qualifying spot with their second place finish in the field of 6. On the men's side, Team Seeger was edged out by Team Mendoza (Hollywood) in their final match to finish 3rd. Team Wiesen, also making it out if the pool round, came away with a 4th place finish in the field of 15. It was a great weekend of curling for all the SFBACC teams!

The 2012 Club National Championships take place March 3-10 in Mankato, MN. Good luck to our two competing SFBACC teams!

MOPAC Qualifiers 2012Photo credit: Antonio Puente

Women's Results:
1. Team Coleman (SFBACC, 5-1)
Gabrielle Coleman, Regan Mizuno, TC Altus, Stacey MacNeil
2. Team Walsh (SFBACC, 5-2)
Sarah Walsh, Kim Chapin, Emily Kimmel, Emily Schermerhorn
3. Team Messier (Hollywood, 4-3)
4. Team Smith (San Diego, 3-3)

Men's Results:
1. Team Taggert (Ogden, 5-0)
2. Team Mendoza (Hollywood, 5-1)
3. Team Seeger (SFBACC, 4-2)
Wes Seeger, Mike Greenberg, Phil Lorin, Brian Patrick
4. Team Wiesen (SFBACC, 3-2)
Dave Wiesen, Alex Baxter, Adam Kapp, Nick Ryan
Team Marschall (SFBACC, 2-2)
Stephen Marschall, Jay Diamond, Richard Lazarowich, Roland Gong
Team Puente (SFBACC, 0-4)
Antonio Puente, Ralston Barnes, Chris Mina, Westin Kurlancheek