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VOTE - Official SFBACC Uniform Jacket - Due Friday Oct 30

We're attempting to create an official SFBACC jacket for two reasons: 1. so everyone who wants to can show their club spirit with a snazzy jacket, and 2. so our competitive curlers won't need to buy a new jacket for every event. These jackets will be available for members to purchase, but we will also have a supply of club-owned loaner jackets that folks can borrow for events (adding their own name via a velcro patch.)

Below you'll find four designs. Vote for your favorites by emailing gabrielle@bayareacurling.com and listing your first choice, your second choice and whether you prefer orange or golden yellow for the stitch color. (The board reserves the right to make the final decision about the design in case some unforseen technical issues come up, but ideally, we want the members to chose.) There is more information at the bottom of this page about: the jacket type, the uniform in general, embroidery/patch technical considerations, and event considerations.

Here are your choices:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

*Note - we'll also have the option to have your first name stitched on the front.

More about why we're doing this
Again, there are two main reasons why we're doing this: first, we want every club member who wants one to be able to have a great curling jacket to wear to bonspiels, league or the supermarket; and second, we want to reduce the cost-barriers to competitive curling.

Competitive curling can be a very expensive. Between the airfare, hotel and time away from work and family, it can be a lot to take on. One way that the club can help members to save money and support our teams, is to designate an official SFBACC uniform jacket, so that folks don't have to buy a new jacket for every team they play on. The club will also have a set of stock jackets, so that members can borrow them for competitive events, if they prefer. These jackets will have velcro strips on the back, so all you need to buy is a $10-20 name patch.

If you hate this jacket or just want to wear something else - that's totally fine. You can make that decision with your team and wear any kind of jacket or undershirts, etc that you want - we just want to make an economical option available.

Also - we are doing this with the intent that this will be the official club uniform for the next 10 years or so.

About the uniform in general
At national championships and other major events, teams are required to have uniforms. These uniforms can have many different clothing pieces, and not everyone has to wear the same thing - though for some, everyone needs to at least walk out onto the ice in the team jacket.

For now, the SFBACC uniform will consist of a black soft shell jacket (with the design we're voting for here), a fleece vest (with the same design as the jacket), our black SFBACC logo polo as the short-sleeve under layer, and any lack turtleneck as the long-sleeve under layer. (And, of course, everyone should wear simple black pants.)

There are two main reasons why the USCA asks teams to wear uniforms - first, to look good for the press and fans, and second, to make it easier for the timing officials to tell who is on what team so they can determine when to stop and start the clocks. In fact, some teams have two uniforms (or at least, two colors of under layers) so that they can wear a light color when they have light handles, and a dark color when they have the dark rocks. For now, the SFBACC will have just the dark colors, but we can get a light polo shirt option if interest exists.

Why soft shell?
A lot of reasons:
1. A lot of manufacturers make generic looking soft shell jackets, so we think we'll be able to find reasonably similar looking ones as people order them over the next 10 years.
2. We know we can find both men's and women's jackets that will look similar enough to be considered the same jacket for mixed teams. (Ladies, you no longer need to cross-dress for these events!)
3. Lyle brought in a great looking sample jacket from our embroiderer that was only about $50-60. So, we think we can get everyone a reasonable price on this.

Again - we will also have a vest that you can wear during the games if you prefer, and you can always just get your own team jackets.

Technical notes about embroidery and patches
The reason that we have the lettering done in straight lines is that it is much easier to get name patches done as straight lines, and if we needed to cover the "California" with a "MoPac" patch (or whatever) for some reason, it would be easier if it were a straight line. (We think we should be able to curl as "California" for all events, though.)

In Option 1 - the oval SFBACC logo might be able to be a large patch (gotta check on that with the embroiderer.)

Thank you, again, for voting on this. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact gabrielle@bayareacurling.com.