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WineCountry Curling's Season Starts Saturday!

Here's a letter from WineCountry Curling president, David "Marko" Markowski:

Calling all Curlers!

WCCC's season is starting this Saturday! Our new season has a new starting time that should be more conducive to more people as we're going to start at 6pm! And get this... ice prep is 5:15-6pm... then from 6-7 is open ice!!! this is for first time Learn To Curl folks AND everyone else! Yes, you can come and pay your $25 and get an hour of practice, situational play or whatever you want to do with it, and then we'll start our games at 7-9pm. Then from 9pm till whenever will be social time to talk strategy and do some broomstacking! We will not be forming formal teams with a formal schedule right away (you can curl with who you want to and mix it up weekly or you can form a team if you want to...at least for now...maybe later in the season after the holidays we can make a set schedule, but we're going to keep it loose for the time being). We're also billing every Saturday night as a Learn To Curl and will advertise as such, so hopefully we'll have newbies every week!...

The WCCC Board has set a new price for first-timers... The cost is... FREE!!! so bring your friends or just grab a stranger off the street...! We want to show our sport to everyone we possibly can and get them ON THE ICE!

So we'll see you at The Club on Saturday...

Please RSVP to davidpmarkowski@sbcglobal.net if you plan on coming so we have an idea of how many to expect.