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March Madness Mixed Bonspiel (Columbus)

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Hello club presidents – hope you all are having a great curling season!

I have attached our flier for our Mixed bonspiel on the weekend of March 10. If we do not get stronger interest in the mixed format, we will likely convert it to an Open. In any case, if you can post at your club and/or forward to your members, it would greatly be appreciated.

As we continue to expand our club, one of the items near the top of our wish list is a dehumidifier. We are in a facility that has very little outside ventilation. So we have a difficult time removing moisture during our melt (i.e. mold problems) and with frost in the rainy parts of the curling season. So I am reaching out to see if any clubs know of any good deals on dehumidifiers. Free ones are always the best but we would be interested to hear about any that are out there. We are currently a three-sheet club and our total space is around 13,000 square feet. We would like to have a unit we can take with us when we move to a 5-sheet space hopefully within 4 or 5 years.

Thanks and good curling eh!

Gordon Gordon Webster
President - Columbus Curling Club
614-COL-CURL (614-265-2875)


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