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SFBACC Crush Bonspiel Winners

Congrats to all our members who curled in "The Crush" bonspiel in Vacaville over Labor Day weekend - and congrats to our top finishers:

B-event (Pinot Noir) runners-up: Team Seeger (Wes Seeger, Wendy Feist, Allan Barber, Barbara Feist)

C-event (Chardonnay) runners-up: Team Shaw (Mike Shaw (IL), Dave Peck, Jerome Larson, Sandy Resetich (IL))

D-event (Merlot) winners: Team Halpenny (Brent Halpenny, Mike Greenberg, Brian Patrick, Bruce MacIsaac)

.. and former SFBACC members, John Tryon and Eric Hazard, who were on the A-event winning team with Edith Loudon (Scotland) and Bill Wicks (WCC).