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Board Meeting 8/13 - Highlights

Here are some highlights from the most recent open board meeting. The issues being discussed are very important and we encourage everyone to attend or to share their thoughts and ideas with board members.

Most important developments:

- The board voted to refurbish another 2 sheets of rocks (32 stones.) This will cost about 5k. In combination with the 6k the board already approved for a freezer in San Jose, this will leave us with about 3k in savings. (We will try to get some kind of financing assistance from Sharks Ice (SI) to try to maintain more cash on hand.) Other significant costs the SFBACC may need to take on annually: up to $1200 for power for a freezer in SJ; $1000 to $1300 for insurance.

- There may be a lucky break in the Oakland rock situation. We had thought that we would need a freezer in order to safely and securely cool and store rocks in Oakland. However, Jon from SI believes that the cooling rods under the rink that extend out beyond it on one side and we might be able to store the rocks in that area. We will investigate.

- We not currently planning to hold a league in Fremont in the fall. The time for the league would be Saturday at 9:30 pm and has historically been poorly attended. Instead, we will send the “Fremont” rocks and equipment to Oakland (assuming we can arrange proper rock storage) to try to establish curling there.

Complete Highlights:

- Hollywood CC would like to host their “Summer Blockbuster” spiel on the same weekend as us. (Previously, we had discussed alternating years or having them use their alternate date of July 4 weekend.) We will go back to them to see if they will reconsider the alternating years plan. We are going to go ahead with our spiel regardless.
- Bonspiel Committee organization will begin soon.

Freezers and Rocks
- Brent has been talking with SI about getting a freezer into San Jose. SI estimates that it would cost $1200 a year (or possibly less) for power for a freezer. (We might be able conserve more by turning the freezer on and off, but we don’t know how that will impact the rocks.)
- Jon of SI also may have an (at least temporary) solution to Oakland. He believes there are cooling rods extending under the floor on one side of the rink. If so, we could place stones there. This will be investigated (emergency exit clearance might be an issue.)
- The “Fremont” rocks owned by SI would be the ones to go to Oakland.
- TO-DO: Check with SI about type of power available for freezer. Investigate the underground cooling areas in Oakland – and investigate security/safety for rocks there.

- The SFBACC has been discussing getting insurance for a couple of years (beyond just special event coverage.) We are looking at both general and board insurance. Lyle and Colleen are working on getting quotes. Lyle thinks he can get something for about $1000; Colleen got a quote from the California Association of Nonprofits for about $1300 (which includes membership in that association.) The question is – how much coverage do we really get from these? We’ll have more info soon. An alternative might be to get put on SI’s insurance via a rider. (We think that because our workers are volunteers, they would be considered subcontractors and thus not covered by SI’s insurance/waiver.)
- One discussion issue: Insurance is a big annual cost relative to our income. Do we really need it? Is the kind of protection we’re going to get really worth it? Do we really need board insurance?
- TO-DO: Need further investigation of quotes and what they actually cover. Find out if SI can put us on a rider and what that would cost. Find out what the skating groups do, if anything. Find out if SI already has coverage for volunteers at events.

Refurbishing Rocks
- Lyle has more stones at his house boxed up and ready to go to be refurbished, but board needs to authorize spending the money to do that. This is now an issue again because of possible unexpected expenses in Oakland.
- Discussion ensues – if the club buys a freezer for SJ for 6k (which it has already authorized) and then refurbs the next 2 sets of rocks for 5k, we will be down to about 3k in our treasury. Arguments against include: doubts about our ability to raise money; concerns about having so little money in the treasury; and concerns about our ability to cover new costs like insurance, freezer and equipment in Oakland, etc. Plus, those numbers just look scary! Arguments in favor include: fast rocks make curling much more fun; we have a commitment to spend on loyal curlers of SJ before considering expansion; and this is why we’ve been working to save money all along.
- Vote conducted: For: Brent, Brian Z., Lyle, Stacey. Against: Colleen, Nikki. Measure passes – rocks will be refurbished. They should be back by the end of September.
- Additional conclusion – we will continue efforts to get SI to front the money for big purchases like a freezer so that we won’t have to deplete all our reserves. Also, we won’t have to pay most of bonspiel ice costs until close to time of event, so that’s not a concern right now.

Other news:
- We have requests for corporate events in Oakland. Some we have not been able to fulfill because we don’t have rocks and equipment there. We will have one on Tues Aug 25 3-5 pm. Volunteers needed.
- We will likely not have curling in Fremont in the fall (times were Saturday night at 9:30 pm) and try curling in Oakland instead (assuming issues with rock storage/safety can be resolved.