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Competitive Curling Meeting Summary - Important Decisions about Playdowns Made

On Wed, July 29, a meeting was held for folks interested in getting involved in competitive curling. Lyle Sieg conducted the meeting and more than 15 people attended. After lengthy debate, several key decisions were made that will have a major impact on the upcoming year. Here is a quick summary:

Club Nationals - Internal Club Playdowns
In order to attend the Club National Championships, a team must first win their own internal club championship, then the regional (in our case, MoPac) championship. This internal club playdown presents some difficult challenges for the SFBACC for two reasons: 1. We have limited access to ice locally, and 2. The characteristics of arena ice are very different from dedicated ice. After weighting the issues of cost, time and convenience. the club has decided this year to determine a club champion in the following way: All teams interested in playing down, must notify Lyle (lyle@bayareacurling.com) by September 22. If there are more than one team of men or more than one team of women, then those teams must enter the fall league in San Jose (Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm beginning Sept 29). During designated games in which they play the other "playdown" teams, the head-to-head results of the games will be used to either determine a club champion directly, or to determine the top two teams who will then face each other in a "final" to determine a club champion. In fairness to the other regular league teams that will not be quite so stacked, the "playdown" teams will not be eligible to win the league championship.

The Pacific International Cup - PIC
No final decision has been made as to how the PIC playdown will be conducted. However, the group did decide that this should be a separate playdown from the Club National Championship event. Lyle is summarizing a few leading ideas for this and will make them available for comment locally, then discuss our preferred formats with the other California clubs that will be affected.

One issue for folks who do a lot of competitive curling is the need to buy a new team jacket for every team they play on. The club will be looking into getting some kind of SFBACC uniform jacket to help ease this financial (and closet storage) problem. The likely solution will have two parts: 1. a black men's and women's jacket that will be available for purchase with optional club patches and name patches that will follow a set format; 2. a small pool of loaner jackets of the same kind that would be available for a nominal fee ($25) per use. (You would probably be allowed to attach a name patch for yourself onto this during your event.) Anyone interested in working on this project should contact lyle@bayareacurling.com

Bonspiel Networking
There is a need at the club for a format for folks who are interested in bonspieling to find teammates and events. The club will create a list of recommended bonspiels and then will try to find someone who can help with matchmaking for teams. Please submit bonspiel suggestions to gabrielle@bayareacurling.com and if you are interested in being a team matchmaker, contact lyle@bayareacurling.com

What's next?
The SFBACC will probably hold another competitive curling meeting in September for folks who are interested in learning more about the various competitive events. This meeting will also likely deal with follow-up on playdown issues. Stay tuned or contact lyle@bayareacurling.com for details! (You can also find more information in the "Competitive Curling" section of our web site. Event dates are on our calendar and the USCA web site. The 2009 USCA rule book has yet to be released.)

Thank you to Lyle and everyone who attended!