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Club Merchandise - Black Polo shirt anyone?

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Joined: 01/25/2009

Hi Club Members, I am finishing up another Jacket order and have the possibility of adding on polo shirts. It is a black Polo with a small logo on the left front side. See our SHOP link to view the polo shirt. http://www.bayareacurling.com/shop Apologies that the inventory online is old. And, the price has changed. The new cost for a polo shirt is $43.22 which includes tax/ship costs.

If interested in purchasing a black Polo shirt, please contact me (makiwolf1@yahoo.com) no later than Aug 15, Monday at 9am PDT. If I get the OK, I'll consolidate the orders received to go out the same day with the club jackets so that delivery is can be done by 9/1, in time for The Crush.

PS: Not too late to order your club jacket. You have till Aug 13. Jacket w/Logo is $92.35; w/Last name is $103.27; and both names w/Logo is $122.94.

Thank you for your time.

loreen m
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