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Curling in Oakland?

Message from SFBACC President, Brent Halpenny:

Hello Bay Area Curlers,

The SFBACC board has been getting requests for curling in Oakland. If you are interested in supporting this venture we will need your attendance at our quarterly meeting in Fremont on Thursday June 11th at Sharks Ice at Fremont. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

We will need to discuss equipment needs, an equipment manager, a sparemaster, and above all a drawmaster for a league. We also need to determine the interest in lessons and who wants to instruct the classes.

The Exploratory committee will have a report on the facilities, and transportation options. We will also be discussing grants and other options being offered to us to teach curling. We will also be discussing times etc.

So bring your friends, your acquaintances, family or anyone else who wants to curl. We need a minimum commitment of 20 curlers for a league. 24 would be much better.