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Dedicated Ice Discussion, San Jose: Tuesday Feb 18 at 7:30 P.M.

With apologies for the short notice, we would like to offer to hold an informal discussion around the Dedicated Ice initiative this Tuesday (Feb 18) at 7:30 p.m. at Sharks Ice, San Jose. A specific location has not been determined; however it will likely be held in one of the conference rooms. We can all rendezvous at Stanley's and take it from there.

Ah, paperwork.

Alright, curlers, here's the latest on Dedicated Ice:

We've been working on preparing a Letter of Intent for a lease to the proposed Hayward property located at 3121 Diablo Ave. This document represents a non-binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant (SFBACC) outlying the commercial terms. We expect it will be ready to be sent out this Friday (today), and expect to hear back from the landlord by the end of next week. This document will form the starting point for further lease-related negotiations.

Dedicated Ice Committee Update

The Dedicated Ice Committee is currently working on several key components to determine if the Diablo Avenue building in Hayward is a viable location for our club’s dedicate ice facility. To start things off, they would like to share the scope of their work with the club members.
Here is what our DI Committee has been up to this week:
-They sent out a RFP to 3 vendors for ice making equipment. We should soon see a write-up of the equipment we need to buy and prices.

The Time Is Now

Dear Fellow Curlers, Members, and Friends of Curling,

Since 1958, the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club has been bringing the excitement of curling to California. The club has responded to many challenges and achieved many successes over the past 55 years. Now it is about to undertake the largest project in its history: the dream of a Curling Center with ice dedicated to the sport we all so enjoy and love.

We, the undersigned, are long-time members of SFBACC and have been curling longer than we care to say. We believe SFBACC is ready to take on this huge undertaking, and this effort has our full support.

Update: Finding a Location, Part 2

Hayward exteriorWarp speed-like progress... after touring the 5 potential sites last Wednesday, we quickly whittled it down to 2 locations, 1 in San Leandro and 1 in Hayward. Then a larger group (a few construction/engineers types) went to check these 2 locations again on Saturday with an eye for what would work best.

Update: Finding a Location

Hi everyone! This is the first of many frequent posts updating you on what's happening with Dedicated Ice (DI). We're hoping to post frequent updates on our progress as we get closer to building out a facility.

Members of the DI committee have been working with a Commercial Real Estate Broker (Cushman Wakefield) to help us find a suitable building somewhere between Oakland and Fremont. In December we started with a list of 42 properties. After reviewing the list with the broker and offering our feedback (too big, too small, wrong configuration, not close enough to public transportation, etc.), the broker created a short list of 11 properties — 2 in Oakland, 5 in San Leandro, and 3 in Hayward.

San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club officially announces dedicated ice fundraising kickoff!

San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is excited to announce that we're officially kicking off our fundraising campaign for a dedicated curling facility in the Bay Area. Our initial goal is to raise $600,000 to build a 4-5 sheet club with all the basics, including ice and refrigeration equipment, warm room, bar, and restrooms. The club is currently planning a number of fundraising events, including viewing parties before and during the Olympics, as well as an auction (start thinking about what you can donate!).