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Competitive Curling Clinic

The SFBACC is offering a competitive curling clinic on three nights in late September. Canadian high performance coach, Yadranka Thompson, will be leading the sessions. Her partner, Greg McAulay, the 2000 World Champion skip will also be there for the Oakland Wednesday and Friday sessions. Both Yadranka and Greg are expert technicians and see sports psychology as one of the key components to success at the highest level. They also helped coach local curler Gabrielle Coleman to a tied-for-fifth finish at Women's Nationals in 2011.

These classes are aimed at anyone looking to up their game. Each session will cover the same content and will focus on improving the way participants manage their competitive season to get better results. Topics will likely include: how to pick players and put them in the most effective position, how to manage team emotions on and off the ice and what it takes to stay together from year to year, measuring and tracking progress, and setting up accountability for individuals and the team. The on-ice sessions will focus on drills and how to run an effective practice. But at the end of the day, this is all about you and what you want to learn. Bring lots of questions!

The sessions will include approximately two hours of off-ice and two hours of on-ice instruction for a cost of $60, including ice.

Times and Dates:
San Jose - Tuesday, Sept 27 (7-9:30 off-ice, 9:45-11:45 on-ice)
Oakland - Wednesday, Sept 28 (6-6:45 off-ice, 6:45-8:45 on-ice, 9-10 off-ice)
Oakland - Friday, Sept 30 (7-9:15 off-ice, 9:30-11:30 on-ice) Note - the time for this date has changed

Introduction, Preparation & Support to Becoming a Competitive Curler for the USA 2011-2012 Season

Fun, learning with rapid growth and support on and off the ice for this season, which also includes the opportunity to have (affordable) support during the whole season by phone, email and conference calls, and possibly another camp before Regionals to make sure everyone is ready to go, and/or Yadranka could come and Coach at Regionals to help out? Dates to be determined...

The objective of this Training Camp:

  • For Intermediate and Advanced curlers to have the knowledge and training to be able to participate in this years Regional playdowns and be prepared and feel confident to do so, regardless of outcome and previous experience in curling.
  • Regardless of previous training or competitive knowledge, have this 'open to anyone' who is interested and would love to know more!
  • To help curlers with a position they can be strongest at, and help put together teams if need be, and then train for this season.
  • Drills for delivery, staying on target, sweeping, strategy, etc. and then make sure the teams will have these to practice during the season.
  • Ideas for Team Practices to stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Ways to assess progress during the season.
  • Set up Accountability for a player, and a Team.
  • The How-To's of Competitive Play, Etiquette, look & act like a competitive team, on and on the ice.
  • How to keep each player and the Team at the same mindset.
  • What it takes to stay together as a team, and control emotions on and off the ice.
  • What's important, and a checklist as the season progresses, knowing what to practice and when, setting up a schedule with the Team for this season.

I am so happy and excited to assist your curlers in moving towards competitive play and raise their level of confidence in doing so and look forward to their participation and growth. Together this will be fun and rewarding for all.

The Training Camp will be busy, and I will be more then available to give as much as I can, on and off the ice while I'm there, and give the players as many tools as possible there in San Fran as well as when I return home.

Greg will be available whether he comes down this time, or helps online, over the phone, etc. we are both here to help for all ages, both men and women curlers.
The most important part is an open attitude and the desire to learn and improve from the players.

Sincerely, Yadranka

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